3rd Trimester

I did not know....

If  anyone would tell me that I would be sore in 34 weeks of pregnancy, I would be freaking out. But I am having fun with this pregnancy, It is cool to get the baby's reaction on music I listen or watch television or just my conversation between me and my mom. This has been an interesting pregnancy even though this is my first pregnancy. This has been VERY interesting.

Re: I did not know....

  • This is my first pregnancy too, Im at 35 weeks, and I have been having a great time with it!  I was nausous in the beginning, and didnt really have any problems until 35 weeks when my feet started to swell, and I started getting really tired again.  BUT!  It is all worth it finding out what foods make baby move, and baby LOVES Sean Paul lol she starts moving up a storm if it is on in the car!  So, I have to agree, it has been very interesting, and very entertaining!
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