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Inconclusive CVS VENT/RANT

Yes, I'm very, very angry at this.  The procedure was a major waste of time and money.  I went in at 11wks to get results as early as possible for early planning and/or just piece of mind and 4 phone calls later NO results!  My doctor called them the first time and he said they don't have results give it a couple more days.  Then I left them an irate message.  The receptionist calls me to tell me the doctor will be contacting me.  She does and she tell me my cells are growing too slow making it difficult to get the results; not even reaching metaphase.  She then tells me they'll do a precision panel at no charge (which why would that work if the CVS didn't work?).  Of course her last call was to tell me the precision panel had not results.  Naw, really?  My husband and I believe they lost my sample.  My gut tells me they're selling me a bunch of woof tickets and of course they're still going to collect!  Perinatologist bills are pending for $3,400 to the insurance right now.  Wonder what the lab is billing?! Hmmm...  I'm going to appeal all of this and ask them to investigate with medical records and everything.  I'm not paying for something that was a crock of ****.  So I asked the doctor what her recommendation was: an amnio.  Because I want to know for sure and time is a running out, I'm going to have an amnio on Monday. 

Why do I have to know?  I just do.  I know a lot of women are against testing, but I have my reasons (previous loss) and I wouldn't do it any other way.  I'm hoping for the best and the piece of mind I've been longing for.  I want to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy.  I want to start shopping!  I want to know everything is going well.  I need this piece of mind.

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Re: Inconclusive CVS VENT/RANT

  • There are many cases where they just don't get a good sample and nothing grows.

    So so so sorry you are having to deal with this.

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  • How frustrating. I hope your amnio goes better. Good luck!


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  • I'm sorry you're having a hard time getting the info you're looking for.  Doctors can definitely be more up front about the possibility of these tests revealing no info, as it seems that detail was conveniently missing when I was subjected to three attempts at a CVS test (no testable tissue there) and then our daughter's autopsy also was "inconclusive."  This time around I've had to learn to just take each thing as it comes.  Even though our baby is perfectly healthy, I've still had several complications along the way with my own health in this pregnancy.  The biggest lesson I've learned in all of this is to accept that I have very little control in this whole process and nothing is ever guaranteed.  Hang in there!
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  • IMO, you did the CVS too early. The doctors should have told you about that risk. We did ours at 13w2d (twins) and we knew going into it that our son's placenta was smaller, HE was smaller, and we could be looking at an inconclusive sample. And it was. we didn't get the FISH results on him, AND the sample took well over a WEEK longer than typical to develop in the lab. He was cleared of the typical trisomies, but due to his many other anomolies we've discovered since then, we think they're all linked somehow in a chromosomal fashion. He's also been labeled "terminal" many points along the pregnancy, but we decided to carry to term, regardless, and are happy with our decision, as hard as it's been. (to each their own)

    This isn't really about "shopping" right now. Stop yelling at people and ask them for help and to explain things to you that you (clearly) don't quite understand. 

    I wish you the best on your pregnancy.

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  • I know the frustration of not getting a result after all that waiting.  I'm so sorry you're going through this and I hope you get better (and faster!) results with your amnio.

    I have to disagree with the previous poster though.  I think when the doc will perform a CVS depends on their personal preference and how your baby is developing.  The previous poster was pregnant with twins which could explain why her baby's placenta was smaller (and therefore harder to get sample from?).

    Personally, I was told a good CVS time was anywhere between 11 wks and 13 wks and my doc wouldn't do it after that.  I barely made my CVS at 12 wks 7 days (after two failed attemps on 11wks4days and 12wks 4days).  It took 31 days before I was told my sample had maternal cell contamination and I had to do an amnio the day after at 17wks4days.

    The waiting was the hardest part of it all.  Like you I didn't want to start planning for a baby that might not happen.  Everyone else on my May birth club was buying maternity clothes, starting registries, and telling family/friends and I was just trying to not get my hopes up too much.  I didn't want to start buying clothes I wouldn't get to wear for very long (but I couldn't squeeze into my pre-pregnancy clothes either), or look at baby clothes I wouldn't get to dress my child in.

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