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cigarette smell

I was at a good friends house recently and was suprised that it reaked of cigarettes. it was not smokey, it just smelled really strong. She does not smoke so I think its her new bf. I have a huge pet peeve about children smelling like cigarettes and when the baby comes there is NO way I will take him/her to a house that smells like them. If my coat smells when I leave then its bad enough for me to not bring the baby there. She is a good friend and I dont want to hurt her feelings, any advice for how to approach this when the time comes? I know she will want to have us over but I just cant do it unless the smell is gone. I stand very firm on this subject, I used to teach a little girl who smelled like an ashtray and it broke my heart :(
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Re: cigarette smell

  • When my oldest was a baby I remember reading something about a study that was done that showed an increased risk of SIDS by being exposed to smoke smell on peoples clothes and furniture, etc.  That's THIRD hand smoke.  Crazy.


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  • really! I was just worried about the smell, I did not know that it was also dangerous...but I guess the chemicals seep into everything. I will check that out. she is a nurse so Im sure she will understand. I just really disgusts me :-b If we were not close I probably would avoid going there now and I certainly would not be there (preggo or not) if it was actually smokey!
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  • My MIL reeks of cigarettes and so does her house!  When my 9yr old goes there, she comes back stinking!  My husband is not a smoker and neither am I, but his mom, grandma and aunt are chain-smokers.  Children should not smell like ashtrays!  Just invite her to your house.  If she invites you over say, ya know, I gotta stay home, but you can stop by!  You might not even have to mention it.  She may already understand. 
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  • I agree with the PP. You could maybe even, depending on how close you are and how accomodating she's likely to be, try a "I don't want to stop your bf from smoking in his own home, that's not fair. Come over to my place and then at least he can smoke in the back yard". I'm assuming here that despite the dangers of third-hand smoke, it would be alright if the smoker is smoking out in the open air and gets minimal smokey ickyness on their clothes. If I'm wrong then maybe disregard that!

    Does anyone know if third-hand smoke is harmful to babies in utero? My FIL's house stinks of smoke, so badly that even papers etc pick up the smell after just a day there. 

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    Thank you for posting this link! I just shared it on my facebook. A little passive-aggressive, but I've been posting every article I can related to this topic because my dad and step-mom smoke like chimneys. They think that the smoke is only "bothering" me because I'm pregnant. They are SO far in denial it's painful to watch, and I refuse to have my baby (even in utero) in that environment. They love to say that I (and anyone else who shares concerns re: risks of smoking) am over-reacting. 

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