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Would my doctor have told me by now?

I'm 31 weeks pregnant and want to know if my doctor would have told me by now if my baby was in the right position for vaginal delivery? 

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Re: Would my doctor have told me by now?

  • Normally they can't tell you that early because there is still time for the baby to move. I had an ultrasound done at 35 weeks to make sure everything looked good and she was facing correctly
  • I asked my midwife if my baby was head down at my 32 week appointment and she said it didn't matter yet.  She checked just because I asked her to, but she said she wouldn't pay any attention to it until at least 36 weeks.  My little girl is still head up at 33w3d

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  • Eh, I think your OB wouldn't be too concerned just yet. From what I've heard, your baby still has plenty of time to turn. 

    You could always ask at your next appointment tho! :) 

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  • I would ask your ob on your next visit.  If your baby is breech, what your ob will offer you is the external cephalic version at around 37 weeks.  However, there are things you can do between now and then, like acupuncture, chiropractic, exercises, etc...  Most of those things will be kind of too late to start if you wait until 37 weeks.

    If your baby is meant to turn head down, he/she will no matter how far along you are.  However, some babies become breech last minute, even during labor too.  Good luck!!

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  • Likely not -- babies are still flipping at that point and a lot changes in the next few weeks. You'll be monitored via the exams once you hit your "once a week" appointments. You may also get a 3rd trimester ultrasound, but that depends on your practice.
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  • The u/s tech mentioned that my baby was head down at the anatomy scan, and again last week when I had another u/s.  My OB this week checked his position externally and told me that he was head down.

    I don't know if they typically check that early, or if they just told me because he happened to be head down (and wouldn't have if he hadn't). 

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  • I don't think so. My daughter was transverse up until 36-37 weeks when she finally flipped head down. I think it's too early to matter at this point.
  • I think it's still too early to tell. My OB said baby can still change positions... I'm sure they will start checking in a month or so?
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  • They've checked the last two times (by external feel). She wasn't sure at 31 weeks, but this week he was head down. They weren't worried about it at all, I think some of them just like guessing :)
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  • No, I think that is pretty early and they can still turn at that point.

  • They were able to tell me at my 34 week ultrasound if he was in the right position.  I had them check earlier from the outside but he was still too small to tell for sure.  They did take a guess around 30 weeks based on where they found his heart beat.

  • Baby can still flip so many times between now and a few weeks down the road that they generally don't say much about it yet.
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  • Like PP said, they can flip easily at that stage. But my OB did tell me at around 31 weeks that DD was heads down.  But sadly, she flipped back days before I had her, so I had a csection.
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  • My doc didn't check to see if he was head-down until my 36 week appointment.  I think you still have time before you need to worry about that. :)

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