2nd Trimester

Not great news on my birthday.


 After a Dr. visit today, it was confirmed that my cervix has shortened from 3cm to 1cm and I am slightly dilated. I'm taking hormones, and no sex for probably the rest of the pregnancy. I'm not being put on bed rest or anything at this point. Needless to say I'm scared and stressed, but trying to stay positive. I need good thoughts. Thanks guys. Love.


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Re: Not great news on my birthday.

  • Serious T&Ps headed your way... I hope the best for you and your LO...
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  • Stay positive!  A friend has an incompetant cervix due to the removal of part of it for pre-cancerous cells.  She has a 1 yr old and is expecting again -- her pregnancy wasn't bliss (cerclage (sp?) and lot of bed rest) but the end result was a beuatiful, healthy baby.  Hang in there.
  • yes why arent they doing the cerklege (sp?)

    T & P for you and lil one to make it to the end.  The sex thing- it will be worth it in the end!  Good luck 

  • Eeek!  Good luck!

    (And happy birthday)

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  • I know it hasn't started off as a happy birthday. TP's your way and stay as positive as you can! If you are meant to have this baby then baby will come regardless of your shortened cervix or not!!!!! Stay positive!!!! :)
  • T&P

    question for you..I was checked for having a short cervix, my Dr. said if it is they were going to put a few stitches to keep it from dilating..so my question is did your doctor bring this up to you? If not maybe you can ask them??

  • Oh no- that has got to  be stressful!  How did you find this out- were you cramping?  Even though you're not on bedrest- I hope you're really taking it easy and letting folks spoil you.

    Take care!!!

  • You should certainly be asking your doctors about getting an emergent cerclage (a stitch to hold the cervix closed) if it is not already too dilated for that, and ask why you aren't being put on bed rest.  Anything that might help your baby bake longer would be beneficial at this point.  Once you are closer to the point of viability (24 weeks, maybe earlier depending on the local hospital), you should have steroid shots to mature the babies lungs in case the baby does come early.
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  • I will keep you and your baby in my prayers!  Please keep us updated as to what the doctors say/do and how you are feeling!
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  • Oh no!  Yes, stay positive!  Sending positive vibes!
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  • Fingers crossed everything is okay!

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