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to prep everything - questions, sorry so long

**just to add, i have a top loader washer. i have to check my knobs for temp settings, wash settings, etc. it's a semi old washer...
1) i want to boil my pf's.... it seems i can boil for 15-20 minutes, without anything (no dawn because they're bleached), then right from there do a hot wash & rinse - then dry. is that correct? I guess i'll have to check absorbency after i do those steps and wash as/if needed for best absorbency. an how much detergent? i have a homemade recipe from

2) i got hemp inserts, can i prep these the same way with my prefolds? or do i need to "strip" them since they're not bleached like the prefolds?

3) pockets, covers, MF inserts: can i prep them (wash & dry once?) with the used diapers/covers i got? also, how much laundry detergent? i guess cloth wipes can go into this load too (homemade from receiving blankets).... 

4) wet bags, do they need "prepping"?

5) I'll be using pillow cases in my pail, can i wash these in my load of towels i do before i start prepping everything? i'll be doing the load of towels to rid of all the detergent & softener buildup in the washer & dryer. 
sorry, last question. sorry if they've been asked before - just dont have much time to surf all the posts. please correct anything that doesn't seem right...

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Re: to prep everything - questions, sorry so long

  • 1. I don't think bleaching has anything to do with it. I have heard people saying to add a drop of Dawn or a little detergent to the boil so you make sure you get rid of the natural oils. Which is the point of boiling/several washes

    2. Yes, you can prep the hemp inserts the same way as the prefolds. Again, you're just getting rid of the natural oils

    3. Yes. Use what you would use for a normal load

    4. I'd toss them in with the wash that you're already doing

    5. No prepping needed for the pillowcases. But if you want to get rid of all the detergent and softener build-up, go for it


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