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RIP Our Little Baby

Had the most devastating day today - My water broke at 10pm last night, and we either had to have a DNE done or to deliver our baby. Our baby still had a heartbeat. About an hour later I made the decision that I wanted to be induced; however, before that happened I wanted them to look via ultrasound again - no heartbeat now. We delivered our little boy Hudson Edward today at 18 weeks. He was the most beautiful baby I've ever seen.
~Heather~ TTC Since 12/2009
Septated uterus, pcos (on metformin), MTHFR
Clomid # 1- July 2010 = BFN / #2 Sept 2010= BFN
IVF#1 - 1/2011 = BFN (Severe AF started 7dpo)
IVF#2 - 3/2011 = Ectopic
Aug 2011- FE - Thaw all - cancelled - embryos didn't make it!
Oct 2011 - IVF#3 = BFP!! ~ TWINS!!
Said goodbye to Twin B @ 9w5d
Hudson Edward ~ Pprom 18 wks 2/16/12 - We love you forever. You have our hearts.
8/15/12 5dFET = BFP! ~ Said goodbye at 7wks gestation
11/9/12 5dFET = BFP! ~ Said goodbye at 5wks gestation
12/28/12 - Septated Uterus Found (was misdiagnosed as bicornuate!)
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