2nd Trimester

Hello 2nd tri!

I've been here a while, in my 15th week now, but I had never formally introduced myself...so I thought I'd say hi!

I'm preggers with my first, and up till now I've been feeling super cautious...but I had yet another great appointment and feel comfortable now, and so HAPPY to have a healthy growing baby inside!

Some random fun facts about me:

TEAM?  Green!

WEIGHT GAINED:  14 lbs...eek

CRAVINGS:  Taco Bell (perhaps the reason for the 14 lbs), Combos! And fresh fruit (pineapple is BEST)

AVERSIONS:  Oranges, Lemons, anything citrusy.  Except orange juice, which I can guzzle.  Weird... 

FAVE MUSIC: Dubstep (new ridiculous & random obsession), blues, and jazz.  See how they all mesh so well?  :p


Anyways, that should do for now.  I'm so thankful to have made it to 2nd tri!  1st tri sure was a test to my faith and strength, but I'm here!  Thanks for listening! 

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Re: Hello 2nd tri!

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