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How much formula/BM at 10-12m? Weaning?

Sooo I'm kinda uninformed about when the big switch from mostly formula/BM to mostly food takes place. I know F/BM should be the primary form of nutrition until 1 year, but I just find myself struggling with how to slowly wean off BM, and I worry that she won't be getting enough. If anyone has any good links to sites about this, I'd love to have them.

How much F/BM is your LO currently taking (if you BF, how many times per day)? Are you weaning slowly? Giving it with meals or in between? Feel free to elaborate.

DD dropped night nursing a long time ago and nurses 3x/day plus one 5-6oz bottle of BM. I am at the point where I'm wondering if she can be cut down to nursing 2x/day (morning and bedtime) with one 6-8oz bottle midday. She gets three solids meals and eats well, and I plan to let her wean herself off the morning/bedtime nursing sessions.

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Re: How much formula/BM at 10-12m? Weaning?

  • I am nursing my little guy in the am and pm and offer a bottle or nursing in the middle of the day.  I keep hearing a lot about whole milk coming into the picture, but I am waiting for a pedi appointment to find out more about that.  His mid-day bottle is 6-8 ounces. It sounds like we are doing pretty much what you are thinking about doing. 

  • My lo will be 1 year in less than 2 weeks and we're down to morning and bedtime feedings.And she is beginning to skip those every once in a while. A few weeks ago I started pumping and putting breast milk in a sippy cup for her during the day. It took her a while to get the hang of that... Maybe being that it's cold, but she seems to be liking it more. Last week I bought whole milk and started mixing half bm and half wm and I've been adding less and less bm to it. Next week I'd like to have her cut out the morning feeding and give her wm in the morning as well.I called the pedi and he said that this was fine being that she's been doing well with solid foods and is at a healthy weight. And then we'll see how she does slowly cutting out the pm feed. Being that she's only been taking one afternoon nap lately, she's going to be earlier (6:30-7) and not really been as into feeding in the pm. But all babies are different. Good luck!
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  • My DS is about 10 months old and he gets 3 meals of solids/finger foods during the day and 3 (7oz) bottles. One bottle in the morning, one midday, one at night. The plan is to get him down to two bottles next month and then introduce WCM.
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  • Thank you guys so much. I'm totally reassured that I can cut nursing to 2x/day and offer just one bottle midday as planned. I also do hope to start mixing BM and WCM at about 11.5m to see how she takes to it.

    I didn't talk to pedi about all this at her 9m appointment and didn't want to wait until the 12m to figure it out. DD is a very healthy grower (89th %ile weight, 98th for height) so I really am not too concerned about starving her, lol.

    Thanks again!

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  • E is weaning herself from the bottle - she just doesn't want it as much any more. I can get her to drink three bottles a day, totaling 18 oz of formula. She will eat just about anything - in fact, we've yet to find a food she doesn't like or absolutely LOVE. I'm thinking she definitely has more at a meal than an average baby her size, but is getting less formula. She's 48th percentile and completely on track with everything, so her doctor isn't worried.

    Pedi not worried about formula = me not worried.

  • Our LO is going to be one next month and the pediatrician told us to only give him 17 ounces a day--4 in the morning, 3 mid day, 4 for dinner, and 6 to put him to sleep.  He has 3 meals a day and one to two snacks per day.  
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