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What do Braxton Hix's feel like?

I've been having sporadic twitches first on one side of my belly, the on the other. None hurting at all but it kinda seems really far and twitchy to be the baby. This is my first pregnancy so I have no idea when to expect BH. I was just curious.
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Re: What do Braxton Hix's feel like?

  • I haven't heard of BH being described as twitches. BH are a tighting of your uterus. It is an uncomfortable feeling and sometimes towards the end of your pregnancy they can get painful. It is almost like a build up of tightness/pressure than a release... They shouldn't last more than a minute at this point in your pregnancy. I dont think you are feeling your BH yet...

    We all have BH from our 6th week of pregnancy on, but we don't feel them because our uterus is too small and tucked behind our pelvis. But as we get further along they start to become apparent. I have had them since I turned 13 weeks. This is my third baby...

    If you do feel some coming on, change the position you are in, if you are sitting stand if you are standing sit, and so on. Drink tons of water, dehydration brings them on more. GL

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  •   PP wrote it pretty well too


  • I had BH with my first pregnancy and it is a total tightening of the uterus. I started having them early on and the Dr seemed surprised that I wasn't concerned, but I didn't feel like I should be as they weren't painful, just reeeaaally tight, he was glad I felt that way. The twitchy might be a tired or strained muscle, there's a lot going on in that area as baby grows!
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  • I started getting BH really early, 19 or 20 weeks I think. My entire ute would be like a giant rock, not one tiny inch of it was not rock hard. It was not painful at all but I could feel the tightening.

    A lot of my really bad ones were caused by UTI's. At 32 weeks I was actually having contractions that changed my cervix - very different than BH, they were really uncomfortable.

    Try drinking more water. (I drink so much these days it is insane). Changing position also helps BH go away.

    I doubt twitches are BH but I have heard some women describe them as tightening of only one area as opposed to the whole ute like I get. 

  • Those don't sound like BH to me.  BH is more of a tightening feeling of either part or all of your uterus - if you reach down and feel it, it will feel really hard, and then that will go away in a minute or so. 

    (It's not at all too early to have BH - I started having them around 22 weeks - but that just sounds like maybe baby movements or something else).

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  • The best way I can describe mine is a sudden "tightening" or "seizing up" feeling of the uterus that makes my belly very hard. Sometimes they hurt a little too .. because it feel so tight so sudden. 
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