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Snoogle Question

Does anyone have the snoogle is it worth the money?  I keep hearing great things about the snoogle but the price is making me hesitate.
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Re: Snoogle Question

  • I got the snoogle mini from Amazon over the weekend.  I like placing it between my knees when I sleep because it seems to keep me in better alignment somehow.  It was less expensive than the original Snoogle, but is still a large pillow in my opinion.  I think it was around $45.  It's also nice to cuddle with on the couch, and apparently can be used when breastfeeding or for after delivery discomfort, although I've obviously not used it for those things yet!
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  • Yes. Worth every penny in my opinion.

    DH ordered it for me during my first tri with DS and I used it the whole pregnancy and for about a month after he was born. Then I stored it in a vacuum bag and pulled it out last weekend....I'm already sleeping better. I love it.

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  • A friend of mine was kind enough to let me borrow her snoogle and on MOST nights I love it. Sometimes I can't even get comfortable with it and it makes me sweaty. And it falls off the bed 1/2 of the time because I move a lot in my sleep. However, when i does stay on the bed and when I can get comfortable, I love it.

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  • I believe it is entirely worth it. There are pros and cons. The only main con I can think of is that it does take up a lot of room in bed and make cuddling a little more difficult, but my husband has since found a way to maneauver around it and he thinks putting his head on the pillow too is really comfortable! It has helped me so much in falling, and staying, asleep...I have heard nothing but good things otherwise from people...look around at various stores, etc, and you might find better prices!
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  • I keep meaning to write a love song for my snoogle, I love it so much!  As do the pugs, they keep trying to steal it from me >:O, they know a good pillow when they see it! 

    The first night I couldn't quite figure out the best position to sleep in, but the next night I figured it out and since then I am sleeping so well.  Usually I hug it (so facing the snoogle, not away from it) but it is nice the other way too, offers back support.  Lots of ways to use it, comes with a little card showing you all the different positions and uses for it! 

    I found the cover a bit scratchy at first so I put a soft pillow case over the part by my head and that's better. 

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  • i just love my snoggle!!!!  I've seen them upwards of $100 but DH ordered mine on amazon for just under $50, including make sure you shop around!

  • I bought one on amazon a few weeks ago. I really like it because I tend to move around a lot and it helps to keep me on my left side. I put a body pillow case on the top part for my head. Hope that helps!
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