Does your DCP help/escort your preschooler to the bathroom?  Ours does not - not even after a BM.  I asked about the bathroom routine within the first week of her switching up to the preschool class and the DCP said that they didn't really monitor the bathroom - I mean the kids would tell the DCPs that they had to go to the bathroom, then they'd just go.  I did not really like that - but I wasn't sure if that was normal for a preschool room.  (3 - 4 year-olds)  My poor DD comes home with (pardon me) an itchy, kind of dirty butt.  I'm sure she tries, but she's not good at wiping herself.

Any advice?   Should I ask for the ladies to pay attention to when DD goes to the bathroom?  Ask if they have wet wipes?  


Re: wiping?

  • After he PT at age 3, they did not assist in the bathroom. 
  • They don't help with wiping.  Practice with her at home by showing her to wipe with a clean piece until it comes away clean.  I've seen wipes in the bathroom at DD's school, so maybe the kids are allowed to use those, but I've never asked.  
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  • At DD's 3 year old preschool, there is no help....It is in our contract, and there is a bathroom in the room.  They are able to go freely as needed, and also, once before snack, they allow the kids to go one by one, if they need to. 

    If the preschool is similar to this, I guess the only thing you can do is ask the teacher to remind your LO to wipe well before she enters, but they won't help.

  • ours doesn't help unless the kids specifically ask for help.

    show her how to do it.  I tell DD to wipe and count to 3 or 5.  That seems to work for her.

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  • Ours doesn't help after age 3. Before that, they get help. I'm still working on teaching her how to do it without making a huge mess or missing the point entirely.
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  • DD's preschool does not assist unless the child asks for help.  DD still doesn't do great with wiping after a BM but we are still working on it.  I'd ask about bringing wipes maybe???
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  • Our PreK does not help unless kids ask... but I have provided flushable wipes and told DS to always ask for them (its all he uses at home) or the DCP puts them where kids can reach.  The flushable wipes are SO much  better than TP.  We worked on wiping quite a bit with DS.  We have told him to "wipe, check and toss" until the wipe is clean. He does pretty well
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