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rec your OB/midwife in Naperville

I'm looking for a smaller OB practice than what I currently go to.  Preferably a practice with only one or two Dr's, that is also very natural birth friendly. 

I currently see OB's through DuPage Medical and feel like I am unable to really get to know my caregiver(s) because I rotate through 6 different OB's.  I didn't think it would be a problem, but now I'm feeling uncomfortable with it.

Also, if anyone has given birth at Edward Hospital, I'd like to be able to ask you some questions.

Thank You  :-)

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Re: rec your OB/midwife in Naperville

  • Hi - I go to a great small practice in Hinsdale, so not too far from Naperville.  Not sure if that will work for you, but figured it couldn't hurt to respond.  I see Beth (CNM) at OMG Women's Health.  They also have an ob/gyn and two other midwives, along with two doulas.  I am on baby #2 now and have been very happy with the care they provide.  Labor and delivery with my first went very well with Beth's help. is their website.

     Best of luck!


  • DuPage Health Specialists is awesome. They are in Lisle on Ogden, right next to Chinn's. There are only 4 Drs and all women. Here is a link...


    Also, I gave birth at Edwards so ask away.


  • I use dmg ob and agree that they are way too big. My appointments sometimes run 2 hrs behind. I work at Edward and delievered there, it's a great hospital!


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  • Thank you ladies so much!  You helped get me started on my search and I also emailed my Doula for suggestions.  Found a couple great practices to set up initial meetings with and was thrilled to find out they take my insurance!

    TNJ - I looked into your Hinsdale practice and they sound wonderful, but I felt it would be further away than I would want to drive, once I was in labor.  Wish we were closer to them.

    Thanks again!

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  • I also see the dupage medical group and my favorite is dr Martin.  He's at the rolling ridge office.  
  • I am using Dr. Thomas Carver and Dr. Cheung and they are located in Edwards Dr's building at Edwards Hospital.  2 Dr's.  I know they take United Healthcare b/c that's my insurance-dont know which kind you have.  So far, so good.


  • I actually never found it to be a problem with the DMG ob/gyn.  I felt like I received great attention from all the providers.  I saw mostly the provider I preferred, but didn't have issues with the others.

     I have delivered two babies at Edward.  Gorgeous facilities.   Very knowledgeable staff.  The new mother baby unit is great. 

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