High-Risk Pregnancy

? for Mom's with GD

What were you told as far as what you can eat post partum? Do you still need to check your sugar, or can you go back to a regular diet without worrying about carb counting and such? Just curious as what I can expect to hear at my next couple appointments and if I need to reorder supplies as it gets closer to my due date. We will find out this week if we need to do a cs or not due to baby's size.

DX PCOS in 2000 TTC since April 2010 DX Hypothyroidism 6/2010 Referred to RE 9/2010.

BFP in June 2011, DD born in 2012

Joined the baby train again 8/2013. First month, out due to re-diganosis of Hashimotos.

Sept 2013, 2.5 letrozole and trigger, low progestrone and using supplements = BFN.

Oct 2013 2.5 Letrozole, trigger, and IUI = low progestrone (8.9, using supplements) and BFP 11/6 Beta 26.9, Beta 2 @ 30, Beta 3 @ 25.3, Beta 4 @ 25.2 CP 5w1d

Nov 2013: ? waiting on AF

Re: ? for Mom's with GD

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