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new and really scared..

Hi all, Im a new mom-to-be and Im scared about my upcoming gestational diabetes test this month. My husband said not to worry too much because when T took the test back in December, it came out negative, but high still. My mom had it when she was pregnant with me, and I was told there is a good chance I might have it too because she did with me. Is it really scary if it turns out positive this time, or should I just relax and except it?
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Re: new and really scared..

  • If you test positive for GD, you'll just have to take the steps to manage it, whether that be through diet alone or diet plus insulin.  Your doctor will also monitor your pregnancy more closely.  It isn't that bad for the baby if you keep your blood sugars under control through diet & medication if necessary.
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  • Congrats to you :) and I would def try to relax. Even if it comes back positive, everything will work out fine. I'm sure milllions of women have had it and have givin birth to healthy babies. Just keep calm as much as you can and good luck :)
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  • thank you for the advice and encouragement. :) I guess there really isn't much I can do if the test comes back positive. Lately, I've been working with my husband (whos a personal trainer) on staying on track with exercise and proper diet. Maybe that'll help? My doctor is anticipating my son to weight between 8-10lbs, so hes gonna be pretty big even if the test doesn't come back positive.
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  • I would do your best not to worry about it. I am a little stressed about the test too, but even if it does come back positive your doctor will just monitor you closely and you will be taught how to manage it! 
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  • It's not always scary.  For many, you can control your sugar levels with your diet.  Not everyone has to go on insulin or meds.    

    I had it with my daughter and honestly, it was a blessing in disguise.  It kept me conscious of what I was eating and so I didn't eat a lot of junk and I stayed as active as possible.  As a result, I only gained 28 lbs.    

    It is a pita to have to test your blood 4 times a day but it doesn't really hurt. It's just a bother.  

    My mother has diabetes and is on kidney dialysis and multiple, daily shots of insulin.  And my father was recently diagnosed too but he just takes a pill. So I definitely understand your concern and fear.  But like my grandmother used to say - "don't borrow trouble".  Try and relax and see what happens.  

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  • Knowing is better than not knowing. There are ways to successfully manage and monitor GD.  Worry keeps you busy, but gets you nowhere. 

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  • The doctors know what to do, and while I have not had to deal with it, I have heard it is easier to manage than you would think. Hope your test comes out negative though!

  • My mom had it and I never did so that doesn't mean you will.
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  • Hearing all of your advice is really helping, thank you all again for your support. :) I think im really scared because my husband and i miscarried our first baby about 3 years ago from unknown reasons, and we just want our son to be as normal and healthy as possible. Im only 22 and have some existing health conditions as well, and I think adding one more would be very stressful. I thought I was out of the woods when I took the test the first time back in December, but since the results came back normal but on the high side my doctor feels it to be a safe idea if I re-take and see what my results are now. My mom said its not too much of a burden, but I've never been threatened with something that could possibly require me to take medication everyday until Seb is born...Im really trying not to worry too much, but im finding that very difficult to do. :( I guess I think about the baby that we lost and because we have no idea why I miscarried, Im thinking of anything possible that could harm this new baby and I would be heartbroken if something happened to him that could have been avoided..
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