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What do you think?

We are really on a budget. I have been looking at nursery sets because I want to get all 3 things for a deal. We have a pretty good size nursery and I'm worried it is going to look empty if i just get a dresser and crib, plus I like the idea of having more space to store things. I found this set at walmart I'm just worried its so cheap for a reason. The reviews are great for the most part. I would just like to hear what you think. 


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Re: What do you think?

  • We did quite a bit of research before buying a crib to make sure it was a good brand and safe.  I guess I would do some research before making the purchase.
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  • I know my friends got an expensive nursery set and the draws feel apart in a year. I would say the crib is safe but the extras probably won't be a piece you'll keep for the life of your kid. 
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  • In life I've learned that you get what you pay for. It sounds pretty cheap for all 3 items, but you should definitely keep your budget in mind. Try to go in person to get a feel for it. If the quality is too cheap, then it probably isn't worth it if its going to fall apart. 
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  • Well I guess you do get what you pay for. And also there are only like 7 reviews and only two are mothers that have had the set for more than a month. So my advice is to do some more research before making the purchase.
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  • I gotta be honest, make your investment here. You'll have better peace of mind. If you think your budget will effect the other accents of the room, why not go to AC Moore/Michael's/Joann Fabrics and look for ways to cut corners there. I plan on getting some natural wood letters and painting them myself and DIYing that stuff.
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