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Plus Size Maternity Pants... Help!

I wear a size 18 in woman's normally sometimes a 16 or 20 depending on the brand.  I've tried all the local stores here but none of the maternity pants are comfy or fit well.  I was hoping some of you lovely ladies would know of any places I can find some with out spending a fortune.  I don't know how much longer I can live in sweat pants and yoga pants and get away with it!  TIA!
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Re: Plus Size Maternity Pants... Help!

  • plus size maternity is sold almost exclusively online, but old navy goes up to 18-20 in women's maternity I believe? (they don't have a plus maternity line anymore)

    JCP or Motherhood Maternity both carry plus maternity lines online. 

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  • Motherhood Maternity definitely has a plus section! 
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  • I got some size 16's at Old Navy, and they are bit big. They are really comfy though! Motherhood also had some plus size, but I didn't try them on, just noticed they had some!

    Definitely check out Old Navy! (Some stores have a small maternity section with their baby clothes, mine had an aisle for maternity)


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  • Motherhood is way too expensive for temporary jeans IMO.  Try Old Navy.  I just bought some for $20 and I know they had plus sizes.  Good Luck.  
  • Thank you all sooo much!  I'm such a clueless FTM sometimes  lol  I'll definitely check those out.  I miss real pants!  
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  • I got a pair at Motherhood Maternity. I love them. I got 2 pairs and a belly band for $60. I left the tags on one pair in case I didn't like them, but they are awesome. I am very happy with them.
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  • I am between a 16 and 18 depending on the pants and had no luck with the x-large pants at JCP or Kohls, went to Sears and was able to find some 2x pants that are soooo comfortable, I think the brand is Two Hearts, worth looking into.
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  • I am a plus size 16 or 18 depending on the day (and the brand) and have had luck with XXL at Old Navy for maternity pants and dresses and skirts.  Right now, Old Navy is having a big sale, so you might be able to get some cute stuff for fairly inexpensive.

    And Motherhood (1x) as well as Sears (1x) -- I have gotten a couple of things from both that are just XL and right now they are working -- I'm not so sure that will be the case when I'm 7 or 8 months along, but I like them now.

    I agree that Motherhood and Sears can be expensive, so I highly recommend looking at ebay to see if you can pick up some lightly used items.  I've gone this route as well and have been very happy with what I've gotten. Also check Craigslist in your city.  You might find some things that will work.

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  • You and I sound about the same size.  I got Motherhood pants and jeans at one of their outlets where I could try them on.  The 1X fits well and gives a little room without being too big. I'm only 5'4, so I did have to have them hemmed though.  At the outlet, the jeans were buy one get one 1/2 off, so I think I paid $60 for 2 pair.
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  • Sounds like we are about the same size. I have a pair from Old Navy and a pair from Motherhood. I purchase both in the store, the Old Navy ones are a size 18 (not plus) and the Motherhood ones are a 1X (from their plus sized line). I like the ones from Motherhood a lot more. They are more stretchy and comfortable, but both fit fine. I would try either one of them out. 
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  • I got some Motherhood jenas when they were buy 1, get 1 50% off.  I'm 5'6" and they're too long for me so I'll have to get them hemmed but I wear them a lot.  I also bought some khaki and jean capris there that are great.  I got some black pants from JCP online (they'll ship free to a store near you!).  Old Navy has been hit or miss for me: I'm an 18-20 so I've just been ordering XXL regular stuff or maternity stuff.  Some of it fits well and some of it is much too big!  The hassle is that you have to mail everything back that doesn't fit.  GL!
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