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baby girl fights sleep so bad!

WOW. Time flies! I can't believe I am in the 3-6 month board already. She has been doing good with sleeping until recently. She doesn't want to go to sleep until about 11pm. While I love the extra time because I work full time, she really needs to be asleep well before 11pm! I attempt to put her down around 8:30 and she will just cry and cry. I try to leave her but before she gets really really upset I will go in and get her. It's like the only thing she will do is nurse until she falls asleep. I know this is a major no no, but how can I break this bad habit??

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Re: baby girl fights sleep so bad!

  • Hi, welcome to the board!


    I am sorry if I have no advice. I am looking for responses too. I started the nurse to sleep thing and now I don't know how to break it. My LO won't even really nurse to sleep she will just comfort nurse for hours if I let her and the minute I remove the boob she is hysterical.

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  • I'm sorry I have no advice either but my little boy is the exact same way! 

    He is up well past 11pm and just wants to be nursing, he has also started to wake up a lot during the night just to nurse.. 

  • My daughter has had the same problem sometimes I will lay beside her co sleeper it's attached to the side of our bed and I will put a pacifier in her mouth and hold her hand. For some reason that comforts her and she falls asleep. It only works when she's already tired though. But I also started a baby schedule this week that has worked great and I get things done. If you go on they have sample schedules for all types of moms. At night I nurse her give her a bath then a baby massage with lavender lotion nurse her again and put her in her bassinet. It has worked 4 out of 5 times this week! I guess they were right when they said babies like routines!!
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  • we had this problem too for the first couple months. What worked with her is getting her calm by holding her with her favorite soft blanket and then laying her down in her crib with the blanket and sometimes she'd fuss but we'd wait 5-10miinutes and she'd go to sleep. She likes to rub the blanket across her face. Nerve wracking because I worry about sids but thats the routine she likes..


    Though now its a different story since she started teething she does still sleep through the night but will fight any naps during the day - verrryy frustrating when allyou want to do is take a shower lol.

  • I was in the same boat. My LO would nurse literally from 7pm-1am nonstop...and thne I'd cross my fingers and hope he was tired enough that I could move him to his bed. I finally got so sleep-deprived that we had to make changes. I started doing a routine (bath, book, nurse, move to bed drowsy). He will still fuss some nights before he goes to sleep, but eventually falls asleep. And he sleeps longer stretches! He still goes to bed late - around 9:30, but at least I have some freedom before I go to bed.

    Just recently he started waking every three hours again...I'm thinking it may be the 6 month growth spurt...

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