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Measuring 4 weeks ahead! Oy vey!!

So, I thought I'd post a little update since it feels like I haven't talked to most of you in FOR-EV-ER (My new puppy chewed through our computer's charger cord and I haven't been able to get online at home).

I had an appointment Tuesday and I was a little bit worried. From the beginning, my doc told me to try to only gain about 20lbs because I started overweight and it would decrease my risk of GD. At the previous appt, I had gained 9lbs since my last and I haven't exactly been watching what I eat.

My blood pressure checked out, I gained 4lbs (1lb per week), no swelling, bleeding, etc. Overall it was a great appointment. Then, my doc used the old school method of measuring inches from the top of your ute to your pelvic bone and said I was measuring 29 weeks. Indifferent Looks like this may be a little porker!!

I also get to see her again at a follow-up ultrasound on February 28, which I wasn't expecting so I'm SUPER stoked!!!!!

I hope you are all doing well and I'll check in more often when I get my new charger that I ordered on eBay Wink

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Re: Measuring 4 weeks ahead! Oy vey!!

  • Wow! That is really something!
  • Aw congrats and wow! I never heard of one measuring 4 weeks ahead! You must be sooo excited :)
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  • Wow!  I don't put a lot of stock into the belly measurements and don't believe anything except the u/s measurements by a good tech. DD measured ahead (not sure how far) for weeks before my OB told me and sent me for an u/s.  11 days before her due date, the tech estimated 8 lbs, 9 oz.  I ended up in labor that afternoon and DD weighed in at 8 lbs, 12 oz, so the tech was very good at her job.  In my eyes, she was a big baby but not huge.  This LO was 5 days ahead at the a/s, so I will probably have a growth u/s but not until after 30 weeks.
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  • I'm kind of surprised your doc told you to only gain 20lbs. I am overweight by a lot and they haven't told me anything about only gaining a certain amount. I lost a lot when I had bad m/s though and at my 24w appointment reached my start weight. I guess everyone's different.
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  • Well I think it is just the uterus measuring bigger than is typical.  It doesn't really necessarily mean the baby is big, and it doesn't mean to baby is measuring 4 weeks ahead.
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