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Am I the only one?

Sorry, I know I don't post much but last night we started our birth & baby classes at our hospital.. our teacher, one of the birth nurses, is very into natural birth including aromatherapy, visualizations, focus points.. which I am all willing to try.

But she asked the class of about 10 couples about pain meds and I was the only one planning to get any sort of pain medication. Am I the crazy one? I'm willing to try no meds and I know the risks of an epi, but knowing my pain tolerance it won't go well, so I'm not getting myself hyped up on the natural birth thing.

Please tell me someone else is planning to have an epidural!

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Re: Am I the only one?

  • It is totally a personal choice. As long as you educate yourself and make an informed decision about what you believe is best for you, it is all good :)

    I am not opposed to an epidural, but I'm not set on one yet. I'd like to see how my body deals with labor first and then make the decision. I have a feeling I'll get an epi, but I am not going in knowing I'll get one for sure.

    Does that make sense? 

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  • Nowadays, most women in the US get epidurals if they deliver at hospitals - even counting the ones that go in not planning to get pain meds.  You're not crazy, you're realistic. 

    I am planning to avoid the epi this time around, but I've done it both ways in the past.  Once without an epi and 3 times with one.  I also want to avoid an induction, but I've been induced all 4 times in the past.  If I'm induced again. I'll probably go for the epi.

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  • I'm having a c-section so will be having a spinal. If I were to give birth vaginally I would also have something. I work in L&D and I hear the women who don't screaming down the hallway! haha I am a strong girl, have been through cancer treatments but I'm all set... Hey more power to you if you can but honestly I wouldn't have my heart set on anything till you get there and experience the pain and see if you can handle it. If it's too much I wouldn't hesitate or feel bad to ask for pain meds. It doesn't make you a failure, it makes you human! I feel the same with breast feeding! I am not going to beat myself up if  I don't produce enough, I will do what I have to do to get my babies fed. I will do what I feel is best for me and my kids...

    PS I've seen many times when women come in with these extensive birth plans and they get thrown out the window because the woman does not progress and she ends up in an emergency c-section because the baby's having dsels of the heart. It's always nice to have a plan but know that life has other plans for you sometimes <: 

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  • I would like to legally change my middle name to epidural just to make sure they know how serious I am the moment I hit the hospital.  Most women I know chose to have them.  I respect with a little bit of awe natural child birth, but you are certainly not alone going the other direction.
  • It would be interesting to take a poll of your class After the births...unless you mistakenly signed up for a hard core "natural" class you probably won't be the only one with an epi in the end.

    My plan is to follow my body's cues.  If I am capable of relaxing between contraction (I wasn't last time - I was in a panic b/c they came on so close together) then I won't get an epi again.  If my induction gets intense again - I will get an epi.

    It depends on the person, the situation, and the support you have...no shame in accepting pain management.

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  • I am planning for no meds because of how much I hated the epidural BUT I'm not getting my heart set on going totally med free because I don't want there to be a huge sense of failure if I spend 9 months talking about going med-free and winding up immobile with an epidural (it happened with my daughter that way... they were concerned about her heartbeat so I had to have internal monitors placed and once I couldn't get up and move around I gave up and got the epi)
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  • I'm going in with the mindset that I will most likely be getting an epidural. To be honest, the thought of doing it without terrifies me, and I don't have a very high pain tolerance. Someone who is pro-epidural said to me the other day, "Would you get your tooth pulled without being nummed up first?" Obviously not- it was kind of funny actually. So I think I'd rather be relaxed during my birthing experience and not in a ridiculous amount of pain. I have a great amount of respect for women who are able to do it all naturally. I am not judging either way- I just would prefer to be more comfortable.
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  • I am not opposed to one. However, I am not going into labor saying I am for sure getting one. I want to see what my body can handle and what it is like. I have done some research and the side effects scare me a little. 

    It is a personal choice and I certainly don't judge anyone for getting one.  

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  • I have no birth plan at all. My only "plan" is to go with the flow. I have no idea if I'll end up being induced, needing a c-section, or have a fast natural labor.

    I'll labor as long as I can without intervention. But if it gets to be too much, I will take an epi for sure!

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  • I don't think so, my plan is to see how I feel and how long I can go, but I'm sure I'll probably get one. I don't think there's any shame in getting an epidural.

    Also in my experience, most of the people I know that were planning on epidurals ahead of time didn't take the Lamaze classes, thinking that it was more for people planning natural births to get info on coping with the pain.

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  • Since I know the pain of having gall stones and not being able to deal with that I know I am getting an epidural. I cannot imagine trying without it.
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