2nd Trimester

Baby Moving?

I've been hearing a lot that when you start feeling the baby sometimes women can't tell whether it is gas or not. When I went to the doctor two weeks ago, she told me the same thing, but I told her I have been feeling like quickening movements or a little tightness in my lower right abdomen and she said it is probably the baby. Is it possible that it is the baby? I ask because for me when I feel gas in my stomach I get real crampy and I sometimes start cringing so if baby movements feel like gas does it feel kind of crampy or am I actually feeling baby movements with the tightening/quickening feeling. FTM mother here. Thanks!

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Re: Baby Moving?

  • I am also a FTM.  For me, the movements started off as fluttering, then turned into bubbling.  I'm still feeling bubbles, but they are becoming stronger, so I have no doubt that they will be full on kicks soon! 

    It's such a neat thing to feel.  I only wish my husband could feel them!  He thinks I'm making it up! :P

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  • The quickening definitely sounds like the baby moving. Yay!!! Excited for you. They will start to get stronger, and there will be no mistaking it ;-)

  • I was never absoultely 100% no-doubt-about it sure it was baby until I started to feel "kicks" (like what you Think movement is suppose to feel like before you get pregnant) at about 20-21 weeks.

    Before then, the only way I could really describe it was a nervous feeling. I didn't get "flutters", just sort of mildly sick to my stomach, maybe you could call it "tightness". I didn't really think this was the baby until my 19 week apt when the Dr asked if I had felt the baby yet and I said no and she said "well the baby is moving like crazy right now and I can feel it with my hand!". So that is when I knew the "nervous" feeling was actually the baby. Totally different than what you imagine what it will feel. I did not like that feeling at the beginning, but it only gets better!

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