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What to do with a comfort nurser

My DS is EBF, and won't take a bottle or pacifier at all, and we've tried them ALL. After he was born, he was only soothed by BFing, so I just let him, whenever he wanted. Which is kind of all day. Now that he's 8 weeks old, I'd like to wean him from this-- I go back to work in 3 weeks and my mom is going to have to be able to soothe him too. But he's a nightmare when he doesn't get to nurse whenever he wants, he usually is on the boob every hour. It makes me think maybe he's hungry, but he won't take any bottle whatsoever, so I'd never know. Of course I'm happy to feed him every 2-3 hours, I just don't want him camped out on me the entire day.

Any advice/suggestions? I'm starting to freak.

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Re: What to do with a comfort nurser

  • Try different styles and brands of pacifiers and bottles.  He may not want them from you but might when there's a different caregiver.

  • My lo won't take bottle or pacifier either, we put them in her mouth and she just looks confused making weird tounge movements and spitting them out rather then sucking,... It's almost comical but sad at the same time lol... I can never leave her for long and she comfort nurses Also. We have tried different nipples and even my dh feeding her while I was out. One thing I try is introducing her hand to her, I put it in her mouth and she sucks away for a while. I don't have much of a solution.. Good luck

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  • Yikes, I'm sure you are freaking out!

    Stupid q, but do you give him the bottle or DH? I have to leave the room and have DH give DD the bottle otherwise she wants mommy.

    Also, the only bottle she takes is Born Free, because all kidding aside, it is the closest shape to my own nipple. Have you tried those?

    Another thing that helped us was having loud white noise on nearby, it calmed her enough that she ate without any problem.

    Good luck! She will take one when you go back to work... just might be a few hellish days for your mom ;-)

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  • My LO won't take a bottle or paci either. I understand your situation, although I'm a SAHM. My LO is a comfort nurser as well and most times I can't even get her to go to sleep unless I nurse her down.

    Like PP said, try giving the bottle to your mom or DH and leave the room. I read somewhere that babies can smell mom's milk from like 20 ft away. I don't know how true that is, but leaving the room might help. Also, try giving LO the bottle right after waking up. They will be calmer and maybe more apt to try eating from a bottle. My DD used to take a bottle first thing in the morning and then just stopped.

    Good luck!

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