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If you have a crawler

Are you sweeping/mopping/vacuuming more than you use to?

How often did you do it before? How often do you do it now?

Especially if you have pets (really dogs, since the are more dirty than cats).


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Re: If you have a crawler

  • DD is army crawling all over the house. We have laminate and tile floors throughout our house. I vacuum once a week with our big vacuum on the bare floor setting and then I send the Roomba around every other day in the family room and kitchen, which is where she roams the most.

    I have 2 cats and a dog, so it's really hard keeping up with the fur!  I've always had to vacuum this often, unfortunately.

    ETA: I definitely think I should be vacuuming at least twice a week. I haven't tried doing it when I'm home alone with DD, though. I'm not sure how she'd like it? She freaked out when I tried using the blender recently. I usually vacuum after DH is home from work and while he's giving her a bath. 


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  • No, but I should!  In my (lackluster) defense - Ty just started crawling last week so I'm still adjusting!

    I sweep 1-2x a week, we vacuum 1x a week, and mopping - ugh, maybe 2x a month.  I'm horrible about mopping.  Thankfully he's not crawling around in the kitchen! 

  • Before baby we vacuumed most days because our Golden is a super-shedder. 

    Now we vacuum a couple times a day.  Most days I will vacuum the living room floor before I set V down to play. If Ginger (the dog) hangs out in the living room again, I will rerun.  I also vacuum under his high chair every night after dinner.  He eats finger foods for dinner and is very messy.

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  • I'm trying to, but not always succeeding. Trying to vacuum and sweep/mop the hardwood in our dining room kitchen at least once a week. Ideally I'd like to get to twice a week, but it hasn't happened yet. I need to get my butt in gear because Ev's definitely been ending up with tons of dog hair on him from crawling around, and that just grosses me out.

    ETA: I feel like a huge vacuuming failure after reading the other responses! Definitely going to be vacuuming as soon as Ev gets up from his nap Embarrassed

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  • She's mostly on the floor upstairs where it's carpeted so I vacuum the carpets once a week. The downstairs is hardwood so that also gets vacuumed/swept once a week but she doesn't really crawl on that. The downstairs gets a lot of traffic and definitely needs to be swept more than once a week, but I'm just too lazy!
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  • The floor gets mopped and vacuumed once a week by the cleaning lady. I swore that I would mop in between her visits (I even bought a Swiffer Wet Jet), but I've only followed through once or twice. We usually take our shoes off when we walk in the house. 
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  • Ha! I wish our floors got cleaned once a week. With my arm weakness from MS it is a husband job and not very high up on the list.
  • We have been doing it more often but only because we're selling our house so we've had to.  I don't think I'll keep this schedule up though just because he's crawling.....I'm aiming for him to have an amazing immune system!!  haha. 

  • Yes. In fact just yesterday, DH and I vaccuumed then steam mopped practically the entire house after she somehow found a fruit stem and almost choked on it! I know...gross. Embarrassed So much for our plans to go to the Aquarium. Oh well. At least now I feel the house is nice and cleaner for all of us! I plan to do a more thorough sweeping/vacuuming from now on also.

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  • YES! I used to clean the floors like once a week, they are hardwood. Now I clean them at least daily. And vacuum twice a day. 
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  • I vacuum 1-2 times a day.

    We had a flea outbreak a couple months ago, so I was vacuuming like 5 times a day, so I am used to it lol!! Plus our dog is a shedding machine. If I don't vacuum right away, DD sweeps up the floor haha!

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