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Was just going to read through all the posts and try to gather information but it's just not working so here is my story, any advice would be appreciated.

 I had an ultrasound around 3 weeks ago, that dated me at 6weeks and 1 day but no heartbeat, I knew then that something was not right but just listened to everyone else telling me to be positive and that my dates were just off.

 3 weeks later I returned to get my follow up ultrasound, I started spotting lightly the day before, again, knowing that something was not right. The U/S showed no growth, dr. sent me to get blood tested and told me options and what to expect to miscarriage naturally.

2 days later, no changes, very light spotting, nothing to even cover a pad, just light brown blood when I wipe. Is it normal for a miscarriage to take over 3 weeks to start. The waiting is killing me, esp. knowing that I teach classes for work and cant imagine the miscarriage starting during a class. What do you all think? When will it start? Thinking that a D&C may be better so I can plan???????

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  • i personally had a d&c within 3 days after we found out i had a blighted ovum (no baby in sac). My Dr recommended this. which was fine because i wanted everything to be over with. Everyone is different and everyone has their own opinions on this topic. sometimes (from my understanding) if the m/c doesnt happen naturally your Dr will recommend a d&c to get the process done. I am happy with the choice my Dr & I made because it did give me some closure, Dr was able to tests products of conception and put my mind at ease. my body luckily returned back to normal within 2 months when i got my 1st period. I hope this helps .. I am so sorry you have to go through this, but know you are NOT alone, we are all here for you. ((hugs))
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  • I had an ultrasound and a hb, measuring the baby at 8w2d a few weeks ago.  Then 4 weeks later, no hb on the doppler, u/s confirmed the baby had passed, it was only measuring 9 weeks.  I am not sure when the day had passed away, but it had been weeks, and I had no physical signs of it, I still felt very pregnant, m/s, exhaustion, and my uterus was growing.  This was friday, I chose to have the d&c on monday.  My ob said it could still take a few weeks for the baby to miscarry naturally, I wasn't willing to go through that.  Now I did start some spotting before the d&c, but I have also read once spotting starts, it can be weeks of bleeding. 


    *hugs to you* and I hope things go quickly for you.

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  • I am sorry you are going through this. I had a huge blood clot surrounding the baby and the baby just stopped growing and had no hb. They thought something was wrong last Monday, but wanted me to wait and did 2 more u/s before they confirmed that the baby was not viable. I only had light brown spotting for a day and a half over a week ago and none since then. Since it could take weeks for me to naturally miscarry I am having a d&c Thurs. I think it will help bring some kind of closure. GL.
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