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3 hour glucose numbers?

So I just looked at my chart, and my 3 hour results were there (because the doc didn't call about it like every other test they take) and apparently, now my MIL is scared as all get out that my blood sugar is wonky.

 The fasting number they look for is 99 or less. I was a 74.

The one hour number they look for is 180 or less. I was 183.

The two hour number they look for is 150 or less. I was 110.

The three hour number they look for is 120 or less. I was  84. 

She is concerned because of the sharp decrease between the one hour and the two hour, as well as the fact I was apparently way too low even fasting. She says eat more. I say if I eat more then the doc will freak out that I am gaining too much weight. Clearly by my weeks, it was an early glucose test. The doc says I am overweight and need to "watch it"... I've gained 6 lbs... But if the doc didn't deem the numbers a big enough risk to call me about, I should be ok, right?

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Re: 3 hour glucose numbers?

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