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Third degree tear? Reassurance? Probably tmi.

I could not be happier that I had a VBAC on Saturday- it was amazing. However, I suffered a third degree tear and I'm having major bodily function issues; no urgency but then leakage, bms getting stuck to where I can't even sit or walk, and no control over muscles, plus the pain when I try. I am only 3.5 days post pardum, but I wondered if anyone else went through this and what your recovery timeline was. I just want some hope that I can soon fully enjoy my new baby and my sweet toddler!
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Re: Third degree tear? Reassurance? Probably tmi.

  • I am 8 weeks postpartum.  I had a horrible tear and honestly it was 5 weeks before I could comfortably wear jeans and walk around.  I couldn't even sit on a chair unless there was a cushion. The only thing that helped me were warm sitz baths and I put a good bit of epsom salt in the water. 

    I hope you recover much faster than I did.  I'm still "tender" even after the doc said everything has healed perfectly.


    Hope this helps.

  • Hang in there! It gets better.  I had a 3rd degree tear with DS (3 years ago). I had almost no control of my pee for a few weeks, but did have control of my poop. Take the pain meds and the stool softeners. With DS I had prescription stool softeners but this time I'm just taking over the counter Colace.

    I had to wear a Poise pad (a brand of incontinence pads), a regular sanitary pad wasn't enough. It got better and if I remember right by month 2ish I no longer needed to wear a poise pad every day. I only started having a little trouble when I became PG with #2 and am also having some trouble with leaking pee postpartum with #2 but not nearly as bad as after baby #1. I didn't tear at all with baby #2.

    I had to sit on an inflatable donut (from the hospital) for a few weeks. And I couldn't walk without pain until about week 3, when I still had some discomfort.

    It helps when you pee (on the toilet) to dab the toilet paper instead of  wiping. Also, after TP you can use a witch hazel pad to dap at the area for some relief. Witch Hazel pads are sold as hemorrhoid pads (Tucks brand). Did the hospital give you a peri bottle? (squirt bottle) This is really good to use when you do make it to the toilet to clean the area after going.

    Good luck! 

    Married June '03. DS born Jan '09. DD born Feb '12. No, we didn't choose to be childless for the first 6 years, only the first 3.
  • I would definitely recommend a sitz bath. I bought one from Walgreens for around $15 that sits right on the rim of the toilet. I think that helped a lot with pain and with healing faster.
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  • I had a terrible tear as well... I am just now beginning to feel semi normal (almost 4 weeks pp).  I lived in my pj pants or yoga pants.  I tried wearing jeans out the first week... bad idea. My OB said to sit in a warm bath to help with the pain.  I also found that the boppy was really comfortable to sit on. Sort of like the blow up donut things they give you when you bust your tailbone :)

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!!

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  • I had a pretty bad tear and have had bad bladder control problems. They are so much better than they were when I first came home but it is still annoying to not have much control over that. I just know that each time I get up I have to use the bathroom before doing anything. The pain for me is now gone but for about the first week and a half it was pretty bad. I hope it gets better for you quickly!


  • i had a 4th degree tear and had to get a dose of silver nitrate at my 6 week check up.  i had major issues going to the bathroom (i was scared). i didnt have a BM until 7 days pp. super bad idea. i was in so much pain i was crying. the dr told me to drink milk a magnesia (i continued this for 2week). i was also taking 3 stool softeners a day and drinking tons of water. i felt totally normal down there at 9 weeks but i was moble the whole time, just used pillows and wore sweats a lot. it gets better and now i can hardly remember the worst of it. GL
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  • They gave me milk of magnesium in the hospital.  It helped!  I've also taken 2 stool softeners before bed.  I've had prune juice too but I think it makes my little one poo.
  • My son is a month old today and I also had 3rd degree tears. At a week postpartum, I was very constipated AND I came down with a case of hemorrhoids, which were a painful combination. I was already taking a stool softener and my advice nurse had me take Milk of Magnesia and the combination finally helped me to go poop. 

    Like the previous posters said, a lot of things worked for my tears: Tucks pads, witch hazel, sitz baths, etc. My doctor also gave me great drugs (Norco) which were also a lifesaver. I also sat on a donut to help alleviate the pressure on my stitches and that also REALLY helped.

    I'd say now that I'm a month postpartum, I'm about at 80% recovery. I still can't do anything strenuous without getting weak and shaky but I can definitely do most low-key activities like shopping, take walks, etc.

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