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DD acts hungry but then fights breast

Yesterday afternoon and this afternoon, DD seems to want to nurse a lot ... but sometimes she acts hungry (rooting) so I put her to my breast and then she fights and yells. I am going crazy because I don't know what to do or what is wrong? Any ideas?


Re: DD acts hungry but then fights breast

  • My baby does the same thing, but it's because he fights with acid reflux.  He wants to drink to push the acid down, but he is in pain when he does.  Definitely run it by your doctor.  I ended up giving him a pacifier when he does this to help prevent over eating.  He's 14 pounds at 2 months since he tries to soothe this pain on the breast.
  • I have been having this same problem for the last 2 weeks. I'm realizing that she is just full, but still wants to suck, so I give her a paci and she calms right down/falls asleep. I wish she would eat more but I'd rather have her wake up more often than cry and start to resent nursing :-/
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  • My guy does this on occasion.  We've figured out that it's usually because he is having gas and is confusing the feeling with being hungry.  Sometimes he'll even suck on his fingers/fist which is his cue for hunger.

    We'll try a pacifier first and if he keeps it up we'll try gripe water/gas drops. 

  • Usually gas.  I give him a paci and walk around.
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