3rd Trimester

How to entertain the Mommie-to-be?

Hello ladies!  I haven't been on this board in ages, but I'm hoping you can help me with something.  We are having a shower for my GF in 3 weeks.  Since I live down the road from her, I was asked if I could get her out of the house for a few hours while they decorate.  The shower is not a surprise, but I'm finding this request more difficult than I initially thought.  Can't take her to lunch because there will be food at the shower.  Can't take her for mani/pedi because of the fumes.  Probably shouldn't take her shopping since she's going to get a lot of gifts.  What do I do?  What would you like someone to take you to do in a two hour window?

Re: How to entertain the Mommie-to-be?

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