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Question for you moms!

Good morning ladies!  I just had a quick question for you, Did your baby move around a lot during early labour?  I got up to go pee and cramps started and baby is moving around like crazy in there.  I was just wondering if this could be it or just a tease.  TIA!
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Re: Question for you moms!

  • i don't remember whether he moved a lot or not, but I remember having to pee even more than usual...which in and of itself seemed impossible. Other than that, I only remember being REALLY tired the night before...but I woke up to contractions in the morning, and my labor went really fast, since I was already at 4 cm the week I don't know much about my early labor...if you really think this is it, I'd try to take a nap. If you need to be awake (i.e., if it's the real thing), you'll wake up, trust me. If not, you got some rest, which you'll need either way. GL!
  • He didn't move any more than normal.
  • DS was actually a little quieter than usual the morning I went into labor.  In fact I remember telling DH that I was glad we had a dr apt that morning cause he wasn't moving much.  Later when I KNEW I was in labor he did get more active.  Movements after your water breaks are weird!
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  • DD didn't move around any more than usual.  I felt crampy and crappy for 3 days before I delivered though, but I know everyone is not like that.
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