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Spotting again, ugh

I called my doc's office Fri. afternoon bc I had some spotting -- more pink than anything. They said keep an eye on it over the weekend, call ASAP if it got worse, call today if it didn't stop bc they might want to move up the u/s.

Well, it did stop on Saturday. But now, this morning, it's back. I'm awaiting for a call back from the doc now. This is so frustrating. I had a lot of spotting in first tri with DS, and I was really hoping to avoid this again this time.

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Re: Spotting again, ugh

  • I'm sorry you are having to go through all of that. I know how stressful that can be. Lots of thoughts and prayers that everything is alright! Hopefully your doctor will get you in sooner so you can have some peace of mind. 
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  • I am going through the same thing, so stressful, I am going into my dr.s this afternoon and oping the spotting is nothing. I just noticed a light pinkish spotting yesterday am, it stopped and then showed up a little later, brownish. Really trying to stay calm and believe that everything is ok. Best of luck to you!
  • spotting is so nerve wracking! i just had a little scare this morning myself. This is my first pregnancy (twins) . I was completely freaking out this morning and went for a u/s . everything looked great though. Good luck!

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  • Good luck to all of you other ladies who are going through the same thing! My doc wants to see me Wednesday morn for an u/s. I'm telling myself everything will be OK, but I'm still worried.
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  • I had spotting on and off week 3-6.  They did a formal ultrasound and saw a small implantation bleed.  Spotting stopped around 6w 3d and had an US at 7w1d with HR of 150 and everything looks good.  About 1/3 of all pregnancies have spotting in the beginning.  I was worried because I have had a miscarriage but all appears to be going well. I am at 7w5d today. good luck!
  • I HATE spotting. Praying for a healthy pregnancy for all of us!

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