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11 wk old still sleeping in RnP and won't go to crib

Our LO has great difficulty sleeping.  It used to take us almost 5 hours to put him to sleep in his crib and he would wake up every hour crying.  We tried elevating the mattress and swaddling him.  He hates swaddling and screams out loud.  We finally let him sleep in the Fisher Price RnP and he has slept much better. Tonight i tried to move him into the crib when he was asleep and he woke himself up crying again.  I am worried we will never get him in there. Did anyone ever have this problem? I feel like 11 weeks old is too old to sleep in the RnP but nothing else is working. he hated the bassinette as well. For those of you who transitioned to the crib, how did you do it? 

Re: 11 wk old still sleeping in RnP and won't go to crib

  • DD still sleeps in her RNP. She is now almost 5 months old. I've started the transition by doing her naps in the crib. Once she has those down, we will try night sleep. Maybe try that?

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  • I can't say we had too much trouble getting DD to sleep in her crib. At first she would instantly wake up the second you put her in it. We had her sleeping in the PNP in our room since we brought her home. The trick I used was to take the blankets we swaddled her in in the PNP and used them in the crib. I would let her lay in there awake in the morning while I showered instead of her bouncer with her blankets so that she could get a sense of it being safe in there. Then I would nurse her down and lay her in the crib with my arms pressing against her sides and gently slip them away. Unfortunately, if LO wakes up, you have to start all over again.

    Do you leave the room immediately after you place him in the crib? Some nights I need to sit next to the crib in my glider and hum or shush a little longer so DD knows I haven't left. I think babies can sense when you're gone even in their sleep.

    Just be persistent, eventually LO will get the sense that the crib is for nighttime sleep. Just don't try to get him to sleep in there for naps yet until he's got a handle on night sleeping in there first. Good luck!!

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  • Before I moved my DD from her p n p  I was  putting her  in the crib to play ( we have mobile hanging )  for me to take a shower and such . And I think it really helped . When I moved her at 7 weeks  she slept in the crib for  1o hours . And since , she continues to sleep through the night . Good luck! 
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  • Thanks. I will put him in it in the morning and he will hang out ok but just wont sleep in it. I was thinking of when he woke up for a night feeding tonight to put him in the crib instead of the rocker since he will be in a pretty deep sleep and start the transition that way.  In any case, as long as it's ok to let him sleep in the RnP I don't want to force it. I need to go back to work next week and I don't want to sound selfish but I need to get some sleep.  Maybe he will get used to the crib once in daycare. 
  • Caroline slept in the RNP until 5 months, when we moved her to a co-sleeper, then a PNP, then her crib. She had no difficulty with any of those transitions.
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