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Bad Day *vent time*

 my body is helping prevent me from nappy with alternating between way to hot and too cold. I have tried some covers, no covers, all the covers, but it just isn't helping. I don't know if it is because I am pregnant or because I am sick, though I don't feel especially sick.

On top of the too hot too cold, I am hungry and want to throw up in the same moment so my body is rebeling that way too *it is so hard to fall asleep when you want to puke*

Then I have a brain that just won't stop.  It worries about the baby, since today we haven't felt much movement at all and my belly looks smaller *probably less bloat*. It worries about money. It tells me maybe I need crepes but maybe thats not what I crave either.

 And then I am homesick and lonely, and have another full week alone in this hotel. I have cried just not seeing my husband respond to a message that needed no response, cried that I can't sleep, cried over not having my cat, and then cried cause I was crying not sleeping.

Dang hormones need to let my brain shut off seriously, I might feel soo much better if I could just nap.

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