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When positive discipline goes awry (sort of funny)

I use the principles of PD, but Char has gotten wise to them and turns them on their nose. For example: Char, you have five more minutes until bathtime is over. NO FIVE MINUTES!  I don't want five more minutes!  Hmmm, do you want five minutes or six?  NO I Don't WANT Bathtime's Over!     Or... Oh, it must be very disappointing when bathtime is over.   NO DISAPPOINTING! I DON'T WANT DISAPPOINTING!     (I think it's time to get a little timer to be more objective. Any other suggestions? It worked so well until she outsmarted me... again).

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Re: When positive discipline goes awry (sort of funny)

  • LOL.  I've started to get this too.  Here's this morning's fun:

    "Which shirt would you like to wear?"

    "NO SHIRT.  HAT." (puts shirt on head)

    "It's cold outside, and you need to put a shirt on to play outside."

    "NO SHIRT." (takes off pants)

    "OK, I see that you don't want to go outside.  We can play inside."

    "OUTSIDE!" (screams, throws himself on the ground etc)

    "You are angry that you have to wear clothes to go outside."


    (so we went on the deck wearing nothing but snow boots for about 60 seconds, then melted down while screaming with blue lips when I came to my senses and tried to get my naked toddler out of the 18 degree weather.)



    Suggestions?  Hell, I don't know.  :)

  • I am LOLing at both of these. 

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  • I'm laughing at both examples too!  

    The timer is a great idea!  You can get a visual timer that shows her how much time is left along with a buzzer sound.  I used these when I taught special education and it's really helpful.

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  • That is so cute! Take the focus off bathtime or whatever it is. Don't argue with your kid. Her mind still wanders unless it is provoked to stand her ground so you have an advantage. "Which pajamas should we wear? Do you want to read a book or play with your dolls next?", etc. Get her mind on something else even if it is, "Oh look! A squirrel!" (a la Up)
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  • Lol!  I miss being on this board, I have totally been here. 

    I have found with DS that I need to remove myself from a back and forth.  I would have had the same verbal interaction as erinkate but instead of going outside, I would have said "Ok, if you don't want to put your clothes on that is fine, we won't be going outside.  Mommy is going to go do the laundry now." and started to leave the room.  DS would have gotten very upset, I would have had to repeat he needed to put clothes on to go outside and if he didn't, out the door I would go to do something around the house.  Generally, if I say something must be done, I don't give.  There are certain things I can be flexible or if I give two choices and he asks about a third, I will certainly consider his offer.  Sometimes DH and I will disagree about an issue (like can DS have a snack) but once one of us answers the question, we make sure to support that answer, even if we disagree.

     Toddlerhood is fun!!!!

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