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a/s on 2/15! water question

i was told to drink 32 oz of water and stop peeing around 9am, u/s is at 10 am (i know its for better quality of the u/s)... my question is... those of you who already had your a/s, did you have to follow the same procedure? I feel like i'm going to burst by the time i get back there lol

ETA- i love drinking water so i'm used to it, just not used to NOT being able to pee when i want/need to!!

Re: a/s on 2/15! water question

  • I had mine today, and they didn't tell me anything about drinking water or not peeing before.  Of course, baby didn't unfurl and I have to go back in 2 weeks, so.
  • I haven't had my a/s yet, but they told me 16 oz an hour before and not to pee.

    32 is excessive I think for this late in the game, I had to drink 32oz when I had a u/s at 6 weeks and I had to pee so bad I could barely walk when I got there.  The tech said if I was that uncomfortable I could pee and she would do a transvaginal. You better believe I opted in for that!!


  • I just got my instructions for my A/S that's going to be on March 2nd and they are exactly the same as yours. I'm usually fine with holding it for a little while, but it's always when they tell you not to go that you can't stop thinking about it!
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  • They told me that, then ended up having me go pee almost immediately, because my bladder was so full that the babies couldn't move around. 



  • I had mine yesterday and although they didn't tell me anything, I drank lots and didn't pee.  I let the tech know and she said, oh, you have to pee?  Go ahead before we start.  Weird huh?  they saw what they needed to.
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  • I had mine today. They gave me no directions. When I arrived, the tech asked if I needed to use the bathroom before she started mashing on my stomach. I did. The pics were all clear and fine. Baby was a little uncooperative, but hey, it was rainy here and I was lazy at work today! Good luck:)
  • I haven't had mine yet, but my paper said to drink 12 oz. of fluid before I go.  Someone also told me to drink orange juice I just don't remember why they said OJ over water
  • It may have to do with individual situations.  My bladder was supposed to be crazy full for my a/s because the Dr. wanted measurements of my cervix because of my twin prefnancy and said a full bladder would allow him to measure better.  
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  • For my DD they told me 32 oz an hour before. I drank half at home and sipped the rest on the way to the office. They called me in right away (thank god!) and took a few photos. Then said to go pee just "a little". I thought I would never be able to do that but surprisingly I did! Then she took a few more photos and I peed for the rest of the afternoon!

    This time they didn't mention anything about water but I will calland ask just to make sure. If so, I'm wearing a Depends and taking extra clothes. My bladder control has never been the same since my first pg, and for sure I won't b able to drink that much and hold it while pg this time.

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  • I was told 24oz. Both times I went for u/s it was too much for me and the tech made me empty my bladder because the baby was too constricted with the full bladder. So for my a/s, I'm only drinking 12oz an hour before. 
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  • My instructions didn't say anything about how much water to drink, only to not pee starting 45 min. before the appointment.
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  • I just scheduled my u/s for 2/14.  I specifically asked the doctor about drinking beforehand and she said I did NOT need to have a full bladder.  I asked my two SILs last night (2 kids each) and they also said they were not told to drink.  I wonder why everyone has different instructions?
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  • mine is scheduled for Feb 28th :) my doctors office just tells me to come in with a full bladder. They don't tell me how much to drink or how long to hold it, so maybe you can go by that. The last u/s I had, I drank a normal sized bottle of water on my way to the appointment (1/2 hour before the appt time) and everything was fine.
  • I wasn't told anything for my A/S this morning. I went pee halfway through the ultrasound so that the baby had more room to stretch out and we could get leg measurements.

    I think having a full bladder matters more when the baby is really tiny early on?

  • I specifically asked the tech if I should drink before I came and she told me that I didn't have to.
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