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Need some thoughts on names...

My husband and I like the name Daniel. That's the first boy name we agreed on. His name is John, so we thought either Daniel John or John Daniel. I think they both sound good. Also for a girl I like the name Kaydence or Madelyn. What do you girls think?
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Re: Need some thoughts on names...

  • Daniel John is so cute & I also love the name Kaydence for a girl. Very original & different. Good luck on picking a name :) 
  • I like both boy names.. I think John Daniel flows a little better.

    I like Kaydence!

  • I think Daniel John would be better so that you do not have 2 John's in the house.

    Both my grandfathers were John, I have an uncle John, a cousin John, and a brother John---  can get very confusing at times. 

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  • I think John Daniel flows better than Daniel John.  I actually have an uncle born on St. Patrick's day named John Patrick and another uncle named Daniel Logan (they are brothers).  I like both of the girl names but prefer the spelling Madeline.
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  • I like both boys names, but prefer John Daniel. I grew up with a guy who had that as a double name --- so cute. 

    Madelyn is nice. I hate Kaydence.  

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  • Thanks, yeah I think John Daniel flows a little better, but my husband actually doesn't care for his name, so I don't know we might just go with Daniel John. my fathers name is also John so as long as it's in there some where that's all that matters. I love Kaydence too, but my name is Carolyn so I thought it would be cute to have the ending be the same as mine. Also my Daughter's name is Allison and I think both sound good with her name. I just can't wait to find out the sex, it's driving me crazy :)
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  • What would you prefer to call him?  If Daniel, go with Daniel John.  If John, go with John Daniel.  I think both sound nice.

    I like both girls' names but prefer them spelled Cadence and Madeline.  Both are pretty names.

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  • I really like Daniel! Madelyn goes very well with it! Perfect sibset:)
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  • SmileI like all the names!

    I think that your husband's name would be better as a middle name.  I think a lot of boys don't like being a namesake when they get older and Daniel John sounds really nice.

    Both the girl names are pretty.  They are different, but not difficult to pronounce or anything.

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  • I like Daniel, and Madeline if you scrap the "y". 


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  • I like Daniel John. I don't really love either of your girl names but Madelyn gets my vote.

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  • Thanks everyone for your input, we will know here pretty soon if it's a boy, I can't wait ;)
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  • I love love LOVE Daniel! It was actually my name of choice if we have a boy, because I love the story of Daniel in the Bible, but my husband hates it. Ugh.

    I prefer Daniel John. I'm really, really sorry if this spoils the name for you, but I also happen to love the name Jack, and I really wish I could have called my son Jack Daniel, but I'm not naming him after a whiskey! To me, John Daniel sounds too much like Jack Daniels. Then again, that's probably because I spent so long crying out "whhhhhhhhy? WHHHHHHY couldn't it be called Bruce Daniel or Jacob Daniel or ANYTHING BUT JACK?".

  • Daniel John

    Madeline. I prefer traditional spellings.  



  • No actually I love Daniel John too. I know what you mean and I hate it when you love a name but you can't help but think of the one time you met a horrible or irritating person with the same name. It really chaps my hide.
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