3rd Trimester

lost mucus plug and crampy?

I started losing my mucus plug today and now I'm feeling crampy, like menstrual cramps....anyone else experience this? I've never lost my mucus plug before labor like this...
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Re: lost mucus plug and crampy?

  • usually you loose your MP before labour.  but before can be hours, minutes weeks or days, before.  no set rule. 

    Some loose it while in labour.  soon youll be in labour hang tight 

  • Me too! Lost mine early (3am) this AM and had VEERY light cramping after (until about 9 am). I got excited but I don't think it's gonna happen today. Just another step closer but could still be a week or a day out. Due on Monday but I'm ready NOW!! Like someone else said my OB was not as impressed as I was. LOL! Will let you know when I go!  Big Smile
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