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teacher blogs by moms?

Hi everyone!  Does anyone here have or know of any good teacher blogs that are written by mothers?  I'm looking for some encouragement, as I'm feeling really alone.  A lot of my fellow teachers that are mothers are opting to stay at home, which is wonderful, but I'm really going to miss the camraderie.  I'm also trying to start my own blog (in siggy) in hopes of connecting with others that might be in the same position.  TIA!

Re: teacher blogs by moms?

  • Hi!! I don't have a blog, or know of any....but waiting for responses.  I, too, am a teacher and a mom. I teach high school English and have two little ones, 8 months and 2 yrs.  I didn't have a problem going to work when they were little itty babies, but the older they get, the more fun they are. I would love to stay home sometimes, as many of my friends do.  However, financially we can't afford it AND I am so lucky to have a job in this economy.  Plus I remind myself of all the benefits I have: summers off, holidays off, get out early. It is a good job/fit for my family. 

    But, yes, I too would like to read about others' in this situation :)

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  • I have searched for this many times. I will checking back to see if anyone replies. I have a two year old. I feel the same way, I would love to stay at home, but I try to tell myself I have a good job. I have a wonderful babysitter. But I would love to read a teacher-mom blog.


  • I am no help - but I am sad you don't have teachers around you staying in the field!  I have a huge support system of teacher moms around me at work every day.  I love it.  I wish you had that. 




  • I just added your blog to my favorites.  :)
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  • I'm a teacher and I've got this working mom blog called Liberating Working Moms (link when you click on the badge below). One of my contributors is also a teacher. We talk a lot about trying to manage it all. I hope this might be what you're looking for.
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