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Positive Quad Test for Spina Bifida

Hey ladies... I had my results today and it was positive for Spina Bifida with a 1:39 ratio. I know there are alot of false positive and I guess that I am just looking for some reassurance. I know that this is not a devastating result, but I am scared never-less. I looked it up and it said that it COULD have an increased risk if a family member had it, my mom did have the mild form of it that required no surgery. Anyone else have a positive test? My advanced US is Monday... so here's to a week of worrying!

Re: Positive Quad Test for Spina Bifida

  • I did the quad screen last pregnancy and my quad screen came back positive for downs. I saw MFm a few times and had lots of scans. I have a completely healthy ds.

    A lot of things can alter the out come of results. They told me if I wasn't for sure on my dates or even if I had bleeding during pregnancy. I would wait for your Mfm consult. I wouldn't worry unless they see something on us. Of course your going to worry.

    I've opted not to have the quad screen this pregnancy.

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  • If I did the math right those odds are still working in your favor!!   A 2.7% chance!  That's still low!

     Hang in there and keep us posted!! 

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  • My thoughts are with you...especially over the next week. Our screen came back with "slightly elevated risk" of Downs. We spoke with a genetic counselor today and she told us that even with the "elevated risk" label, our chances of having a problem were still 0.5% but recommended that we still have the Level II Ultra sound (next Friday!)

    I'm sure this isn't much of a comfort but know that until they tell you something more positive, all you can do is keep positive thoughts and have faith. Know that we'll be thinking of you...best wishes.

  • I know you probably know this, but it's not positive for spina bifida. It's just an increased chance of having it. Please remember that there's still a likelihood of 38/39 that your child does NOT have it. 


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  • My thoughts are with you, hun! I'm sorry that you are having to wait a whole week...which seems like an eternity. I'm glad to read of the 2.56 % though! Keep us updated.
  • I have no advice for you, just wanted to say that im so sorry your going through this. Thoughts and prayers your way. 
  • Our quad test came back with an increased risk for Downs. We opted to do the amnio because while it wouldn't have affected the pregnancy, I am one of those HAVE TO KNOW people. Everything came back fine. The doctor put it to me this way when he called and gave me the results- "1 out of every 20 of these quad marker tests comes back false positive.  If I were God, I would be able to tell out of 20 women which 1 would come back with a false positive and go on to have a healthy baby."  It was reassuring to hear that. 
  • I mostly just lurk the boards, but we had positive results for spina bifida with I was pregnant with DD1. It's very scary to know that something could be wrong, no matter how slight the chance and not really be able to protect your child. We were encouraged to have an amnio done to better determine if DD had spina bifida, but DH and I thought the risk of miscarriage from the amnio was to high for our comfort level. We did take a referal to a specialist where they did level 3 ultrasounds to go over the baby's skeleton and organs with a fine tooth comb. FWIW, DD1 does not have spina bifida and is a healthy, smart as a whip 6 year old now!
  • Have you already had your regular u/s.  Did that show anything?  With my last DS I had the penta screen and had a 1:18 risk of Trisomy 18.  We had the Level 2 which showed no markers and opted not to do the amnio.  He is completely healthy.  

    Sorry you're going through this, the waiting and worrying is horrible.  I opted out of all tests with this pregnancy as a result! 

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  • Sorry you are going through this! Fingers crossed everything is okay!

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  • I too had a pos Quad Screed for Downs, but turned out to be a false positive. I wouldn't trust that test. It did nothing but make me worry. When I went to my perinatologist, he reassured me that with the ultrasound and everything, this baby does not have Downs. I wouldn't be to worried on that test as most results come back with a false positive just because of either age, or that there is a family history of it. Enjoy the u/s when it comes. It gives you another chance to see your LO and get extra pictures of your precious little bundle. Please, don't sweat it! 
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  • This is exactly why we dont do the quad test, to much possibility of the test being wrong, plus when they give you that ratio it is only comparing other moms that have done the test, not the entire pregnant population.  I'm sorry it came back that way, but really wouldnt worry until you have 100% proof that there is a problem.


  • I have no words of wisdom, I just hope that everything works out and it is a false positive and your LO is healthy.   Like PP said, the odds are still low, but I understand being concerned. 

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  • I had the same results and had to wait that horrifying week. I did research and learned about the false positives but you naturally will worry! The wait was a nightmare and everything turned out to be fine, baby is thriving, per the doc. Please dont worry your days away, I did and wish i didnt...its not even an indicator for spina bifida!! You and baby are in my prayers, try to stay positive!!
    Happy Heather having a baby!!
  • After my quad screen, we had an elevated risk for Down's. We were given the choice of the Level II u/s or an amnio. After researching, I found that the Level II u/s was only like 60% accurate, which was less than our risk factor for Down's. I was not comfortable with that number and couldn't trust it. I am a need to know person and I didn't want to stress out for the rest of pregnancy. 

    We opted for the amnio, which gets a bad rap of being high risk, but the risk is pretty low nowadays and totally in YOUR control. My doctor told me if I stay on bed rest for two days and take it easy (no walking for more than 10 minutes, no carrying anything, no exercise, no sex, etc) for 7 days, I will be fine. She said most miscarriages happen because the woman tried to do too much too soon afterward. I'm now on day 8 post amnio and everything is good. The baby got a clean bill of health for the amnio! 

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  • Please consult with a doctor about what your options are.  As others have pointed out, there is still a good chance that your baby is healthy.  If, however, your baby does have Spina Bifida, there are many surgeries that can be done in utero to correct this condition before the baby is born, depending on the nature of the disorder.  In this respect Spina Bifida is greatly different from Downs, which cannot be altered surgically.  Only someone highly trained in this area can give you a real answer though, as to what exactly is going on with the baby, and what choices you have.  I hope you get great news of a healthy baby, and that you get the medical attention you need no matter what the outcome.  Good luck!
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  • I had a high AFP result for DS both on the first test and the retest which put us at an elevated risk factor for an NTD. An amnio wasn't a fit for us because of the risk of loss, so we waited for the anatomy scan which showed no NTDs. He was born perfectly healthy. During the time we were worried and waiting, we learned that some are so minor that there isn't even any treatment. We also learned that boy babies are associated with higher AFP.
  • I have Spina Bifida myself and have my Quad screen in 2 days. Like PP's said, try not to worry. Your chances of the baby actually having it are VERY low. A positive test just means you carry that gene, not that your baby has it and a 1:39 chance, well it's extremely unlikely that your baby has it. Lots of people carry the gene and never pass it on. I would wait and see if you get a absolute positive for SB result before I worried at all. 
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