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Spitting up

The doctor put DD on Zantac for reflux. It did significantly reduce vomiting and spitting up, however, yesterday we were traveling out of town for the day and I pumped in the car. She ate about 5 oz. in 3 hours and then spit up a good bit afterwards. Since then she has spit up a little at every feeding. She is 1 month old. I know some spitting up is normal but she suddenly went from a few times a week on Zantac to almost every feeding. Could she be getting too much to eat? Is that even possible for BF babies? My husband and I are not getting along very well and he frequently yells at me in front of her and I feel like I am always upset/crying etc. I have heard when the mother is stressed baby may not feed well? Any insight on why she could be spitting up all of a sudden?
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Re: Spitting up

  • I'm sorry I don't have any insight at all but I have a helpful hint. Try sitting her up after each feeding for awhile. My daughter was spitting up so much after every meal, I just propped her right up and her spitting up has significantly decreased.
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