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Sleeping Questions

My LO is almost 7 weeks old and I really don't have a complaint about her sleeping patterns, just a few questions and "i wonders" about what everyone else is doing.


Right now my LO feeds almost like clockwork every three hours during the day.  Usually around 10:30-11pm I give her the last bottle and she usually doesnt finish the whole thing because she falls asleep, then sleeps a good four hours before she feeds again. Its getting longer and longer at night.   Last night she slept from 11-5am (THRILLED).

 She tends to sleep in SHORT cat naps during the day, unless she is in her car seat where she sleeps longer.  


What I am wondering is if I should try starting more of a "schedule" for her naps and if I should start trying to get her to bed earlier....or just keep doing what I am doing and as she gets older put her down earlier.  It would be nice if she went to bed earlier so DH and I could have an evening not baby centered, but I also like not having the 2am feeding (because she is feeding later in the evening)


I feel like Ive read that everyone has some "system" they have read about and I am just kinda going with her cues.


Sorry if my post seems random and all over the place, just curious as to what others are doing! 

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Re: Sleeping Questions

  • I'm curious about this too. My twins are only 3 weeks at this point. But was also wondering what things you do with them during the day.. any schedule? Such as play times, awake & nap times? thanks
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  • My son is just over one week old and his pediatrician said to start setting a routine- not a schedule.  She said when he wakes up change his diaper, feed him, have some "play" time, then change and swaddle him again so he knows it's time to go back to sleep.
  • Our girls are 7 almost 8 weeks and we have them on a regular eating and sleeping schedule for the most part.  From 4 am - 10 pm they eat every 3 hours.  10 pm is the last feeding and then they sleep until about 3 or 4 am.  We play with them a little bit after each feeding except at night.  Before their last feeding we have started giving them a bath and then they get fed and swaddled and then put in their swings to sleep for the night.  They will only sleep in their swings unfortunately.   
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