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Induction or c-section?

My due date was yesterday and everything looked normal, but my OB sent me in for an US and NST just to see how baby was doing. Good news: baby looked healthy and strong. Bad news: baby is so healthy and strong that she eats all my food and they estimated 9.5 lbs!!

OB gave me two options: 1) induction on Monday, 2) c-section on Monday (and he was pushing the section). I really, really wanted a natural childbirth so this news was devastating. Me and baby were both healthy during pregnancy so I did not prepare myself for this. I know size estimates can be off and (having a larger frame) I could probably push this baby out fine, but spontaneous is pretty much off the table unless it happens within 48 hours (and I'm barely 1 cm dilated and hardly effaced). OB indicated that after Monday, LO would be about estimated at 10 lbs and they wouldn't even give me an option to do an induction or get her out naturally - I would have to have a c-section. So, since the childbirth I really want is off the table, I now need to decide induction or c-section on Monday?

If I do the induction, there are still concerns about the baby's size leading to complications (if she is as big as they estimate), we'll get lots of interventions that I don't want, and OB will probably be pushing a c-section for any little thing anyway because he's nervous. Should I put me and baby through all that to avoid a c-section? The section has its own risks with respiratory problems for baby and complications with future pregnancies, but is it better to just go for the section rested and ready instead of being forced into it during an induction? I'm leaning toward the c-section given the options, but am I being to hasty? Thanks =)

Re: Induction or c-section?

  • I'm sorry you are going through this hard choice. It is possible to give birth to big babies without complications. My friend delivered more than one 12 pounder. (she is 6'2", so she has room for them!) Another friend just had a home birth of her 9 pound 3oz. baby, no intervention needed. I understand your concern about your doctor pushing you. My doctor is very pushy as well, and I don't know if I would be able to handle that while in labor. I would say do what makes you feel most comfortable and trust your instincts. You know yourself and how you will react to the situation. 
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  • I can only speak to my own experience, so take it with a grain of salt, but I was induced after my water broke and I failed to start contracting on my own. It took 23 hours and was exhausting, even with an epi. I ended up delivering a 9.9 baby but needed the help of forceps as well as an episiotomy. Frankly, it was a very traumatic experience for both of us and had I known she was so big, I would have opted for the section. 

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  • I hope I'm not stepping on her toes, but one of our fellow Jan Moms that I actually met in person because we took a Bradley course together gave birth to a 10 lb+ baby vaginally and I wouldn't call her a big person. She had to get pitocin at the end because that last lip of cervix wouldn't dialate and just a drug to take the edge off (fantanol or something?), but no epidural. The nurse told her if she had had the epi that they would have had to take her for a c-section at some point because she didn't believe she would have been able to push as affectively as she did. Of course, it's your decision, but it can be done.
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  • I have a friend who's fairly small who had a baby boy who weighed over 10 lbs.  She gave birth vaginally and med-free. 

    I'd opt for the induction and see how it goes.  The weight guesses can be off by a pound or two anyway, but even if it's not, you can still have a bigger baby vaginally.  And if baby gets stuck then you'll end up with a c-section, but if it were me, I'd at least want to try vaginally.  Then again, I'm one that really wanted to avoid a c-section if at all possible, so that's playing a role in what I'm saying :)

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  • I would not go for the c-section. It is pretty rare that your body grows a baby that you can't give birth to vaginally. If you can't, at least you tried. It would suck to go through all of that and end up having to have a c-section, but chances are you can do it.

    I have faith in you mama! You can do it!

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  • I would personally go for the vaginal delivery. If you stop progressing, or something isn't right, then they will do an emergency c-section. I'd at least give the vaginal delivery a go first!
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  • FWIW I just had no issue giving birth to a 9 lb 6 oz baby med free (second baby).  I feel "lucky" no one considered him being big before he was born so I wasn't nervous before delivery or anything thinking he was going to be big.  GL!
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