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It's 3:36 am & my Upper stomache is killing me

I am almost 25 weeks & barely showing. I feel like baby girl is on my diaphrahm or something. I feel an empty raw pain like sore organs just under my rib cage are being squished. I'm almost 5'8 and @ 180lbs but my stomach/breast used to be the smallest part of me. (today I waited to long to eat lunch & munched on fruits & veggies leading up to eating a sandwich) I usually drink a lot of water, but maybe today i didn't drink enough. 

(this is my 1st) I never dealt w/ morning sickness or nausea really. No constipation. It's more like I can't tell of I'm hungry or full. And heart burn or acid reflux only comes whether I'm hungry or just ate too much. Its the oddest thing! It feels crowded in there. I feel so icky. I have this weird hicuup/wannabe-burp thing going on, without the burp. What could this be?

Feeling so blessed.
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Re: It's 3:36 am & my Upper stomache is killing me

  • I'm not as far along as you are, but in my experience with this type of pain it's usually a gas bubble working it's way up or down. I get gassy all times of the day and night and normally it feels like I'm just really full at the top of my stomach, kind of like you describe it. Try moving around a little bit and lying in different positions to work the gas bubble out. Hope this helps! 
  • This happened to me the other night after eating dinner & cookies (should have known better). I went to sit down at my computer to do some work, and right under my ribs hurt... it felt SO full, like a balloon was blowing up even bigger inside of me. It actually really scared me at first, and my upper abdomen was quite distended, and it was extremely uncomfortable. 

    I just ended up doing laps around my living room, and after about 5-10 minutes, I started burping a lot, and having some gas. So I kept walking, and about after 15 minutes or so, I had burped so much, I finally felt better.

    So like PP said, it could quite possibly be a gas bubble trying to work it's way somewhere. :) 

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  • indigestion- try Pepcid AC- helps me
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  • I find that I get bloated in my upper abdomen now - probably because that's where the stomach and intestines are being pushed up. It's a really weird and uncomfortable feeling, and it probably doesn't help that I'm not used to feeling those sensations that high up. Sounds like maybe you're experiencing some heartburn too? 
  • Thanks ladies. It was gas, heartburn AND I was hungry, but felt too awful to stomache the idea of eating anything. Luckily my husband had put 2 things to eat by my night stand even tho I refused them & I muscled them down. At 6am I had tried all my other tricks. (tricks: I have a pure essential oil business & they helped, but not fixed hunger. Ginger for the stuck gas bubble, fennel mix for burning)

    I don't like taking drugs or anything fake & synthetic, so I learned on here that there are a bunch of natural remedies I will try now. Still hurting.  A glass of milk, apples, almonds, bland diet, banana. Avoid citrus. Apple cider vinager or sipping on baking soda. Last 2 are iky but more natural & safe. thnx again!

    Feeling so blessed.
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