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So bad mom me, I always skip the antibiotics posts.  Well, LO was finally given some.  I totally want her to be able to fight infection on her own, but she has been really sick for too long come to find out now she has bronchittus (sp?)  Is there really harm, minus the possibility of a reaction?  I am terrified of a reaction so we are waiting until tomorrow to start so I will have the car all day. 

Re: Antibiotics?

  • DD had a cold at 4 months that wouldn't go away so the Dr. gave us antibotics but told us we could wait a few days to see if she was getting better.  She wasn't so we gave them, but she spit most of it up.  We're on them now for an ear infection and I'm making sure she takes them this time, she had a really bad chest cold and it gave her an ear infection.  I really wouldn't worry too much.  Just keep an eye on LO.  Anything unusual, call the dr.
  • Definitely take them.  The next thing to develop after Bronchitis is Pneumonia and that is bad news, especially for little babies.  There really isn't any risks in taking antibiotics; juts make sure you follow the directions given to you by the pedi and pharmacist, and continue the entire course prescribed, even when LO seems to be feeling better.  If you stop early, the infection can come back.  No worries mama.
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  • I had antibiotics a few weeks ago, and it is transferred to BM.  She had some diarrhea for a few days.  I switched her to disposables and lathered on the super thick cream.  There's always a risk to every medication, but if she needs it, then she needs it.
  • For an adult or even an older child, the only types of infections you really need antibiotics for are ear infections (because it can damage hearing) and UTIs (because it can damage those organs). Most other bacteria-related illnesses will clear on their own. That being said, babies can't fight infections as well as older kids/adults. If you are that afraid of a reaction, maybe hold off for a few days and see if the infection starts to improve. I guess you have to weigh the risk of the antibiotic vs. her condition. If she seems comfortable, I would hold off. I hate using antibiotics for DD but she's been on 4 different ones for her ear infections.
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  • My LO had a cold that began Christmas eve and is JUST now over it. The cold turned into a terrible cough and come to find out it was an ear infection (right ear only...thank goodness!) Well doc prescribed amoxicilin (sp) I was hesitant since the doc won't even let me give LO anything for a cold (unless he has a fever). But I didn't want his infection to turn into anything more serious so I gave him the antibiotics. Viola! He's all better, no ear infection, no cough, no sneezing/runny nose. FINALLY!

     I say all that to say I understand the hesitation, but its not worth the risk. Just follow the directions and make sure your LO takes all of the antibiotics prescribed unless otherwise stated. Good luck! :) 

  • It's only bad to give antibiotics if it isn't really neccessary- like if your LO has a viral infection or something undiagnosed and it's just given "in case."  Bronchitis is a neccessary reason to give them.
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  • DD was on antibiotics last week for an ear infection. It SUUUUUUCKED. She had diarrhea and some vomiting, got a bad diaper rash, and lost all appetite for solids.

  • DD is on her second kind for her double ear infections. No reaction at all. The first did not work though so they had to switch it up.
  • C has had 3 rounds for some really bad ear infections.  The only side effect was some diaper rash with the 3rd round (it was a different kind than the other 2).  

    DH has the same concerns you do with antibiotics diminishing his immune system.  I spoke with the pedi about it.  He says as the child gets older (after 2 years), he likes to see if they can clear up some of these mild things on their own- even ear infections.  However, at this age, the problems with not treating are far worse and have more complications than any issues anyone may have with antibiotics.  


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  • We just finished a course of amoxicillin for an ear infection. I didn't really think about holding off on giving it to him, I think he'd been fighting it for awhile. He had had a cold for three weeks, then seemed to be better but kept pulling his ear occasionally. After a week of that we had a well visit and they found the ear infection. So I felt like he'd been sick for a month, it was time to get him well. DH didn't tell me til after we started that both his mom and brother are allergic, I would have been much more nervous. He was fine though.

     Consider adding probiotics to her food to prevent the diarrhea and diaper rash, it seemed to work for us. 

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  • Thank you all for your thoughtful responses.  I am totally going to give her them, she has been sick since late November with just a few days here and there of doing ok.  It is this cough that finally made me demand something be done to get her better.  I didn't know about the diaper rash issue, I am going to lather her up now!  She has been up all night.  :(  Sorry for the post and run, I seriously haven't slept in days.  You guys are awesome.
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