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Have you taken Advocare Spark while pregnant??

My OB reccomended I start drinking some caffeine daily to help me with my headaches and migraines. I had taken Advocare products including Spark before my pregnancy and LOVED them!! My OB told me that everything in Spark looked great and that it would help me with my headaches and might help me with my lingering morning sickness. I have a history of migraines and have been getting them in my second tri a few times a week. 

I am curious if anyone else has taken Spark while pregnant or any of the other products... 



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Re: Have you taken Advocare Spark while pregnant??

  • I would keep it to one a day due to the caffeine content, but if your OB is ok with the ingredients then I don't see an issue.



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  • I use the probiotics by Advocare. Check out this site for more info. If you have an Advocare representative they should be able to give you a list as well.


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  • Im not sure, but that seems like alot of caffeine at once.  120mg is almost the same as a Monster Energy drink.

    i had problems with headaches and one diet coke w/splenda would normally do it and it only has 34mg of caffeine. :)

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  • Hi~  it's safe but I would only drink one a day.  I'm actually an Advocare Distributor. I'm nursing but still take spark but only one a day.  However, they have other great products to take while pregnant and breastfeeding.  They have a great multivitamin called Coreplex and a great fish oil called Omegaplex.  Dr. Oz actually recently reviewed this product saying it was one of the only omega 3's that passed all the tests that they concluded.  I love Dr. Oz :) 

     I agree with the previous post that the probiotic is a great product as well.

    I'm doing a special for moms and offering reimbursement of shipping on all orders that are $50 or more (before tax and shipping charges) if anyone is interested. 

    here's my website:


    and my personal e-mail is:  aasve@tds.net

    if anyone has any questions.  thanks,


  • I know this post is pretty much dead right now, but in case someone else (like me) searches for Spark down the road . .  . I have always felt the amount of caffeine was a bit high, at least to me, it's too high for an 8oz drink that's consumed rather quickly. 

    But more than that, I think Spark, mixed as instructed, is just too strong/sweet for my taste!  I usually only mix about half a scoop/serving with 16 oz water, which I don't down all at once.  So I get extra H2O, only 60mg caffeine, and I personally think it tastes so much better than the way concentrated "version"  (plus, then you get more servings out of each canister!)


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