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Blessed and yet bummed

6 months ago DH found out he was going to be laid off and we were beside ourselves with his job search between that day and his last day. He was able to transition from lay off directly into a job that was closer, paid better, and that he enjoys a thousand times more. We are SO blessed! However, he is doing such a great job that he was just nominated for a leadership program and in order to participate he will be gone the first three days after the set induction date - including our first sat. We have 2 toddlers and I was really depending on this time for daddy to be there for our little boys. We aren't so foolish as to decline his invite - he's really hit a stride and who knows if this opportunity will be available again, but I can't help but be super bummed on the inside... counting my blessings and trying to remember what our circumstances COULD be if we weren't so lucky!

Re: Blessed and yet bummed

  • congratulations and sorry. What a great opportuninty and how fantastic that something that could have been terrible has turned into a gret thing for your husband. Too bad the timing really sucks!
  • I'm in a blessed/bummed place too with my husband's job so I can understand the sentiment.  This does sound like a great opportunity for him, I would be on the phone with my doctor changing the induction date, personally.  I don't know your reasons for being induced, but I would never go for hubby being away the first three days following our baby's birth!  Is pushing it back an option?
  • I sorta know how you feel.  My husband just recently started at a company that has been nothing but good to him; better pay, better hours; better benefits, the whole nine yards.  Well he just found out a few weeks ago that he doesnt qualify for "maternity leave", so he would have to use his personal time off to bond with the baby.  There is a plus to working after LO gets here (due 2/28), he will have to do some annual inspections that would pay him double time (and then some) in the month of March.  So although he wont get to stay home with me and the baby he will be fairly close to home and he will be making oodles!!
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  • Thanks for the support/feedback. My mom and mil have both chipped in their time and support and the older boys will be at the babysitter's for the first two days. The other bonus is that it's all in town and I just found out this is an excellerated course that typically takes over 6 months to complete- talk about lucking out! I'm definitely going to look at this as some great mommy and me time for dd and I and a time to celebrate dh's career!
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