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Back to the baby name drawing board!

DH has been in love with one girl name in particular. I wasn't really crazy about it, but it had started to grow on me. Tonight one of our dear friends texted us with a picture of his brand new, beautiful Australian Shepherd - which he named our girl name unknowingly. Poor DH - he looks like some one sucked the wind out of his sails... seriously, this baby is going to be nameless! I'm sad for DH b/c I can tell how disappointed he is, and I even said, "who cares? we only see them a few times per year," but he declined. Secretly, I'm a little relieved to have this name off of our list!

Re: Back to the baby name drawing board!

  • Please do share the name! 

    On another note, I have an Australian Shepherd/Boarder Collie mix, and they are crazy dogs!  Ours is named Ferris (see my screen name). 

  • I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings who loves it - it truly is a beautiful name, I just couldn't see it being our daughter's name though... Norah. Again, a gorgeous name, but just didn't feel like it was our baby's name. 
  • Aww...that is a sweet name for a dog and I'm sorry for your poor hubby.  Nice of the world to give you a little help though!  Now you don't have to feel guilty or be the bad guy about it.  Wink
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  • Awww, your DH must be so disappointed.I think Norah is such a nice and classic name. Every Norah I've ever met/know was always kind and sweet. Would you be open to possibly use it for a middle name instead? If so, that might be a good compromise but only if you don't absolutely hate that name, lol!
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  • well, i guess his friends have good taste. :) that's too bad though... hope you guys can find one he likes even better, you never know.
  • I definitely see Norah as more of a person name, as opposed to a dog name!

    My friend told me before her baby was born that they really liked the name Lily if it was a girl, but that they weren't going to use it now because our dog is Lily! (for the record, we had our dog long before she was pregnant!) Turns out it didnt matter anyways, since she had a boy.

    But I def see the problem... if they're close friends, I think this would ruin a name for me!

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  • Well, my DH is in love with a name that was also given to a dog; Logan.  My mom has had this dog for 5+ years and my DH never had said until just real recently that he likes the name Logan.  Luckily for us my mom lives 2000 miles away; if we decide that we are going to name our son Logan and by the time he ever figures out that he has the same name as gramma's dog the dog may no longer be around...
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