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ok, so we had the perfect names picked out, but my husband's cousin who we are rather close to an is due a few months before me is having twins and one of the names is going to be the same first name that we picked for a boy, only spelled differently. My husband is totally dead set on keeping the name that we chose, and I'm kind of at the point where there are thousands of names out there- do we really have to keep the exact same name as someone that we know who is going to have a child the same age as us? Am I totally off my rocker or do you think it's ok to feel that way? Here is what we have, and the only other name that I've even come a little close to him liking. Also, here are my girl names- do you like one better than the other?


Boy Name #1: Caleb Joshua (Joshua is after my husband) (cousin is spelling it Kaleb)

Boy Name #2: Colton Joshua

Girl Names: either Brooke Elizabeth or Brooklyn Elizabeth (my mn is brooke and my sister's first name is elizabeth) do you like brooke or brooklyn better? 

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Re: Help!

  • I am not a fan of the name Colton...while I do love the name Caleb, I understand why you may not want to use it. Are you close with your husband's cousin? Spend a lot of time together?

    I much much much prefer Brooke over Brooklyn.

    ETA: Just read that you did write that you are rather close to said cousin.

    How about Cole? Cameron, Colin, Casey, Carson, Carter, Chase, Cohen, Connor...? You seem to be attracted to the "C" names for a boy.

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  • I would totally feel the same way as you. I want my child to be the only person they meet with that name for most of their life (but not with a you-neek or gross name).

    I would keep looking if you could convince your DH of that.


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  • I like the name Colton.  I would change the name if I were you since it is a family member.  If it was just a distant friend I wouldn't but since it is a family member I would pick a different name.  I think Colton Joshua is cute.  You can call him Colt for short.    And I love the name Brooklyn.  

  • I understand why you feel that way.  I would probably also want to change.  But, if you don't change I don't think it will be that big of a deal. 

     Caleb > Colton

    Brooke > Brooklyn

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  • I like your spelling of Caleb much better, FWIW!

    Please, please go with Brooke over Brooklyn. 

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    9 Years Later

  • I think you should revisit the issue when you find out whether you're having a boy or girl. Let your husband no that you don't need to make the decision now and that you'll talk about it again later (so he doesn't go the next 12 weeks or so thinking you have a boy name chosen)

    I think Caleb and Brook are much better names than Colton and Brooklyn.  

  • thanks so much ladies! I think that's a good idea to revisit the idea after we find out if we're having a boy or girl...maybe we will have a girl and won't even have to worry about a boy name for now :-)
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  • I actually love Colton.  And I love Brooklyn. 

    I'm with you, I would hate for my kid to have the same name as another child who I know will be around their whole life. I'm ok if not-so-close friends name their kids the same as me, but a cousin I am close to?  I don't think I would do it.  But I also think that if you decided you did want to do it, that is ok too!  I don't think there is such a thing as claiming a name, but I personally would prefer my child to have a different one. 

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  • I prefer Caleb to Colton and Brooke to Brooklyn.
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  • I LOVE Colton! Also, I would not use the same name as a cousin, espically since you are close to them.

    I also love Brooklyn!

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  • Colton is an awesome name. Also love Brooklyn - I think I'll add that one to my list!
  • I don't believe in name stealing - but I personally wouldn't use it just because I'd want my S to have his own name. It wouldn't be bad for you to keep it though - I think whether or not you use it has to be a matter of personal preferance and comfort.

    Colton is ok but I perfer Caleb.

    I definitely 100% prefer Brooke over Brooklyn. I really hate Brooklyn - it is trendy, preppy and ostentatious sounding. I also really dislike most place names and this one sounds kind of trashy, immature, and won't age well IMO. Sorry, I don't mean to be rude about a name you like, I'm just explaining why I hate it (and I don't usually say I HATE a name... but this one I do). Definitely go for BROOKE!

    Some suggestion for boys based on your style:

    Cody, Cameron, Carson, Ethan, Noah, Chase, Zachary, Liam, Cole, Cade, Luke, Dylan, Wyatt, Mason, Gavin, Evan, Cory, Hunter, Blake, Levi

    Good luck choosing!!

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  • I don't mind Colton. I totally dislike Brooklyn though.  I think Brooke is pretty though. 
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