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What temp is your house set at?

I am loving having skin to skin time with DS.  We also have to strip him down when BFing b/c he falls asleep so quickly.  So it seems like most of the time he's naked and I'm in my robe with warm slippers. 

The problem is that I'm worried it's going to make DS cold!  I've started putting those little beanie hats on him but they're really hard to stay on and he kicks socks off the second I put them on.  DH keeps turning the temp down at nigth, which is something we normally did when we didn't have an infant, but I'm waking up freezing (okay sweating under my covers and then freezing onces I pull the covers off...damn night sweats).  So I know DS has got to be cold if I'm cold!!  But when we turn up the heat then I start sweating even more and don't want to overheat DS.

Have you found a happy medium for your house temp?  I keep turning ours up from 64 that DH sets it at at night  up to almost 73.  We can't ever win!!!  Maybe it will be more comfortable when I don't have all these hormones circulating...

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Re: What temp is your house set at?

  • My LO isn't here yet but I think we will keep the house at 65 or so, we usually keep it at 61. However it really depends on the house. 65 in my house(it's 3 years old) is toasty but 65 in my parents house ( which is 30 years old) is cold!

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  • The only thing I have read about safety is to not have it warmer than 68 when they are sleeping because of a sids prevention reason.
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  • We shut our heat off at night (we live in NC though) so the temp usually goes down to about 65-66 before I'll turn it back on, but we keep it set at 69. It gets REALLY WARM in the rooms, it has got to be higher than 69 in the bedrooms though.
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  • We live in the middle of Vermont where we wither get the super cold stuff from Canada, or the warm air from the south. We keep our temp set to 65, DS is in our room. Our kitchen reads 62 or 63, its cold with out socks on, but I like my sweatshirts and slippers.

    The birthing center pedi said if we were worried about them being cold to add more layers to the baby, not blankets to reduce the suffocation risk. However, I'm probably a little controversial in my belief about half of the "SIDS risks" that are posted on here because most of them are suffocation hazards (like blankets or toys in the crib) or common sense hazards. Knowing that I usually add layers because if DS is asleep I am NOT waking him up to add another layer of clothing onto him. He wakes wide awake when you pick him up and then is so pissed and overtired after he's woken up in the middle of his sacred sleep. IMO most of the "SIDS" stuff is more or less just reducing the risk of infant deaths overall, but that's another soap box for another time. I usually just check his hands and face, if they feel cold I add layers. If DS looks like he came out of the bath (sweat) I take them off. We don't change the temp from day or night and some nights he's fine, some nights he needs extra layers, some nights I swear he could sleep bare naked and be ok (like my DH). 

    My philosophy comes from when I did reenacting in high school. I worked at this Fort in New Hampshire and used to stay there overnight in the family homes on weekends. Because I was 15 or 16 at the time part of the persona I was acting was a young woman about to be getting married. One of the things that came up was childbearing, and how they kept them warm (of course the #1 cause of death during that time period was burning to death, followed by giving birth). I figure- if babies could survive the brutal cold in New England in that place, then James sure as hell can survive 65 degrees in the house.. however- I'm not reckless about it. I also believe that women were built for this and that our intuition should be listened to. I go with my gut with my child- TBH it might not work for you or someone else but it works very well with us.  

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  • Our thermostat is set at 65.  This is a comfortable setting for us.  Hoping that LO agrees!
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  • Ours is set at 70 at the moment. We were switching it between 72 and 74, but now I realize that is too hot for her. We live in Florida, so 70 is pretty chilly to me, and I still feel like it's too cold for her! Her tiny feet and hands get so cold.
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  • We've been keeping it around 73.  Anything colder and she gets too chilly.
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  • We keep ours at 65 while we sleep and 68 during the day.
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  • Anywhere between 65 and 70. Colder at night so we can snuggle up, but at this very second the thermostat says 70.
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  • We have ours set at 68 during the night (more for my benefit than hers) and 65 during the day.
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  • We keep it at 69 right now because DH doesn't have any cold tolerance even though I usually end up kicking all the covers off of me in the night.  I may bump it down a few degrees at night once baby is born and tell DH to use an extra blanket, but we'll see what DS's cold tolerance is.
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  • During the day 70 and at night 73 BUT we have an older home with all hardwood floors aside from the nursery which I made DH carpet last summer. We also have wood siding and most of the windows are the originals from the 50s. And ds still shivers in 2 blankets sometimes :(
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  • DH's dream has come true....we have it set for 70.

    Pre-baby I kept it at 60. He used to whine that he works hard enough not to have to wear gloves in his own home. :P


    ....We'll see what the change in our energy bill is soon :/ 

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  • I keep our heat at 68 for both day and night. I used to put it on 65 at night but I'm afraid it's too cold for lo. (not to mention we are burning thru oil like crazy!) I wake up drenched in sweat at least once a night but I don't see any other way. I have lo dressed in a onesie and cozy Pj's with feet. Then I swaddle in a receiving blanket and put another blanket around his lower half. I tuck the last blanket in around him so it's not flapping around. Only problem is lo is starting to want his hands out of the swaddling blanket. He screams if I put mittens on him so sometimes his hands feel cold but the rest of him is toasty. I figure if he's uncomfortable he will let me know.

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