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Belly Measuring

I've seen a couple of yall mention your Dr. measuring you belly and that this helps determine the size of the baby. My Dr. mentioned measuring my belly waaaaaaaay back in the beginning but has yet to measure it. Is this normal? I will see him tomorrow so I will ask him what's up when I see him lol. Just curious if anyone else doesn't have their tummy measured?

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  • That is odd. My OB measures it every time. Just found out today I'm measuring at 37 weeks! Eek!

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  • My docs only started measuring around 25 weeks or so.  My regular Ob didn't measure me today but she did check to see if baby was head-down and his approximate size (she said about 5lbs which she also said he'll likely be in the low 7s when he's born), she also did a GBS swab and an internal (nothing doing with that thank heavens).

    I would definitely ask about it but I don't know if I would be concerned so much. 

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  • My doc has been measuring since about 18 weeks or so.  Never really comments on it, except to say "Good," or "It's right where it's supposed to be."  
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  • image Excited30:
    My doc has been measuring since about 18 weeks or so.  Never really comments on it, except to say "Good," or "It's right where it's supposed to be."  
    My docs started measuring around 24 weeks, but they always say the same thing.

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  • My OB started measuring me at 28, which is when I started having appointments every two weeks.
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  • I've been measured since I was about 28 weeks, which is about the time I stated going every other week. They measure my belly tell me if I'm measuring on schedule, then they check the heartbeat. Today I went, Doctor said measure at 33 weeks, I'm 33 weeks and 1 day so I would say that's right on schedule.

    With my last one, I only remember being measured 3 maybe 4 times total. Each doctor is different as is each practice.

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  • I also have never been measured, or even told an approximate weight for the baby. I have no idea if I am measuring ahead, behind, or right on track. The last I heard was at my 20 week ultrasound where she was measuring in the 50th percentile. I have not heard any different. The doctor just checks to see how she is positioned and feels my belly a bit. That's all. I do have GD and will have a growth ultrasound at 38 weeks (excited to see her again in just 3 more weeks!) so maybe that's why she isn't taking any guesses? I dunno. She also said she won't start checking for dilation or effacement until 38 weeks as well. So, I feel completely clueless about how big she is or isn't. Though the way she has been moving lately, she feels pretty big lol.

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