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I went to Walgreens today to get some snacks and stuff and when I approached the queue to the register some totally random lady comes up to me and just touches my belly!!  We then started talking (the line was long), but the whole time I was thinking did she just really touch me without asking first!!  This is the first time that ANYONE has ever done this and I am totally shocked that people are like that...

Rant over...

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  • depending on my mood and hormones I either glare, move backwards, or smack hands when people do this.  I get it a lot at work as a CNA but I have to tell them its not okay for them to touch me without asking and usually it only takes once.

    I will never get used to people doing this, it just seems so weird to me. I dont even do it to close friends of mine that are pregnant. But I am super germaphobe and not touchy at all. I like my space.  

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  • Our home computer crashed, and I was dropping it off at the counter to get it fixed. The lady working there reached across the counter and patted my belly and then proceeded to ask my all kinds of questions. I'm sure the look on my face was less than nice.
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  • People have kept their hands off of me... except for the ONE WOMAN I WOULD NEVER WANT TO TOUCH ME!!! What is that all about?!!!
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  • Before I was pregnant, I had heard stories about this all the time.  I was really worried about it.  Luckily, it never happened.  Sorry you had to deal with it!
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  • The guy at the gas station leaned all the way across the counter to rub my belly a few weeks ago.  I moved back just a little too late. :(

    Also, there is a guy in my class that gets wayyyyyyyy into rubbing me, which is bizarre because he has a daughter, so he should know how his wife felt about it.  AND he's a nursing student, like me, so he should understand that not everyone likes to be touched. I smacked his hand off of me last time, and I'm pretty sure he's not going to try it again.  

    Weirdly enough all the people that I would never have a problem touching me (really close friends, my brother and sister, etc) always ask and act like it's a act of treason to wonder if they're allowed to feel their niece/bff's LO move around. 

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